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I sit here writing as a veteran on Veterans Day, and I continue to be completely astounded at the massive cultural shift that has permeated this country, especially since the Obama administration. To be fair, this is most likely the result of the communist movement seeds planted in the ‘50s in our education system, but lack of real attention by the Boomer generation (and I am one) has led to ideologies once scorned by common sense, moral-valued societies being encouraged by leftist power seekers. 

It is most concerning that many people my age, being a product of the post-WWII era, have bought into this America-bashing generation of self-entitled, non-productive citizens’ agenda. Even as the moral and financial decay of this country is in full view of everyone, including the entire world. It appears that a major factor that drove the leftist Democrat ability to sustain a grip is women concentrating on the abortion issue as a single point of reference, ignoring all of the blatant country killing issues. This is the proverbial cutting your nose off to spite your face. 


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Derby Veteran

It isn't America bashing to want to make America a better place for everyone, not just old, white people (of which I happen to be). It is sad to me that you don't know the difference between Communist, Fascist, Socialist, Democracy, etc., and you just lump everything you don't like as Communist. There have always been things in every government some people won't like and there is nothing wrong with trying to make the country a better place for all of us to live in. The America of the 1940's and 50's wasn't as great for many Americans as you try to remember it being. It may have worked well for you, but for many it did not. Blacks had to drink from separate water fountains and couldn't sit at the lunch counter. Women couldn't get credit on their own. even in 1970. Today's young adults see things they don't like and are wanting to make things better for all of us. Giving someone else the same rights you have isn't like a piece of pie where the more they have means less for you. I hope I live long enough to see many of the changes our young adults want to make so life is better for all of us, not just a few.


Wow, what a terrible take on our younger generations. You should be more grateful for the ‘non-productive’ generations (4% unemployment rate, sounds like they are working to me), as they are the ones footing your Social Security benefits. This country might have been nice for white men, but it wasn’t so great for everyone else. Your generation has been in charge for 30 years, and look what you have ushered in. $20/hr is not a good wage anymore, as it cannot give a family the housing/food/savings security your generation enjoyed. Why is that? Take a minute to think it through. Thanks to your generation, college costs have skyrocketed. What was once able to be paid for with a summer job now has students graduating with enormous debt. The hope to make this a more inclusive country that benefits everyone (not just one particular demographic) rests with our youth.

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