Being a senior during the coronavirus has been a frustrating yet eye-opening experience. My initial emotion was anger when the school called to say the rest of the school year would be online. Everything we have worked hard for the past 12 years of school was just taken from us.

The first activity I thought about missing out on was sports. I was on the swim team and I had been looking forward to it all year. We had just gotten a new coach and were going to have a great year. Before the coronavirus, the first two weeks of practice were going smoothly, and we were planning on being back-to-back league champions. Senior night with my friends had always been something I was ready for.

The next thing that crossed my mind was all the traditions that the seniors go through at Derby High School. From the first day of freshman year when we walked to the school and touched the bell, I was excited to be able to ring it when we left. Also, the awards ceremony in front of the whole school to be recognized for our achievements. From the first day of senior year I was planning the day we walked across the stage to graduate. I felt like we were never going to get that.

Mr. Hamblin and the rest of the staff at Derby High School have made this as easy as possible on us. From weekly Zoom meetings to always reaching out to make sure we are doing fine, my teachers are willing to help. I know that Mr. Hamblin cares about us getting to walk across the stage because they have planned a weekend full of all the traditions we have missed. I am looking forward to this weekend because I will actually feel done with high school. Right now, I feel as if it is just another summer and I still have to go back to high school in the fall.

Throughout this pandemic I have realized I need to be positive about things even if they do not go my way. I was very unhappy at first which was making the rest of the things in my life awful. The coronavirus has put everything into perspective for my life and I am grateful for that. Now I am looking forward to college and the future!


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