Three weeks in and all good news from USD 260 activities and athletics.

USD 260 Director of Communications Katie Carlson said that the district has not been made aware of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 due to the reopening of some district activities and sports. This was confirmed as of Monday, June 22.

June 1 was the district’s start date for these programs, matching the original Ad Astra Plan for Reopening by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and guidelines written by the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).

Strength and conditioning and any weight training indoors is being limited to smaller groups, according to District Activities Director Russell Baldwin. Training on fields is allowing them to have groups of up to 45 at a time.

“We’re doing the best we can with the situation we’ve been given,” Baldwin said. “There are still many schools that aren’t doing anything and don’t start until after July 1.”

Due to strict distancing and cleaning measures that needed to take place, USD 260 originally decided to hold off on additional events such as middle school camps with high school coaches and any one-day tournaments that could be held on school grounds with no fans.

“With the few things we have going on now, there is still a ton of cleaning that we do,” Baldwin said of the limitations decided upon one month ago. “By adding other activities, it’s more that needs to be done by our coaches and custodial staff and if that can be done on a normal day.”

Baldwin said he met with coaches during the week of June 15-19 and he has asked coaches to propose additional activities they could add in late July.

The school board approved any plans that fit the Ad Astra Plan and any guidelines by the state activities and health offices. All additional programs that are added would need to be approved by high school and middle school administration.

“The coaches are coming up with ideas that they’ve done in the past and seeing how they can sit inside the restrictions that we have,” Baldwin added.

Any proposed events by coaches would not take place until the last week of July, according to Baldwin.

Even though KSHSAA waived its summer moratorium (break around July 4), Derby will still be observing this for its student-athletes. Baldwin said the district still felt it was appropriate to implement this five- to six-day break.

“Coaches met in late May to set up the summer and we felt strong enough that we should still have a break,” Baldwin confirmed.