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Jodie Karsak didn’t want to leave any mixed messaging with Addy Brown. 

The longtime Lady Panther coach could see the writing on the wall between Brown sisters, Addy and Kennedy. Karsak wanted to make sure her then incoming freshman knew where she stood, which was a basketball phenom in her own right.

“From day one, she told me our journeys were going to be different and we’re not the same person,” Brown said of her conversation with her coach. “She made that very clear to me and that there is no pressure because we are different players.”

Brown still lauds her coach for taking the time to have the conversation and it is part of an ongoing quest for the now sophomore. She isn’t shy in her appreciation of her sister, but her coaches, family and teammates are helping her create her own path. 

After averaging 10 points per game as a freshman, an even more dominant version of Brown has taken the floor through Derby’s first five games. 

Size presents an advantage, but it doesn’t paint the full picture of what the sophomore has brought to the floor. The 6-foot-2 guard/forward has demonstrated ability to stretch the floor and comfortably strike from any part of the court. She is averaging 17.8 points per contest thus far, shooting 70 percent from the floor.

“Having that year under my belt has helped a lot,” she said. “I know what to look for and what looks I’m going to get. I got to play a little guard [against Maize] and I enjoyed the looks I was getting. I could get a pull-up jumper off a screen or take it all the way … I can also any time go in, post up and score there.”

It’s all a part of a resumé that continues to boom for Brown. She is regarded as one of the region’s, if not the nation’s, best prospects in the 2023 class. While any attention is humbling, Brown is the first to admit that she wants to continue to focus on the season in front of her. 

It’s a fair approach given that she sits just five games into her sophomore season after seeing the state tournament cancelled this past March. 

As much as the style of basketball is different between the Brown sisters, they are tied in how college recruiting began at a younger age. Both began playing summer circuits in late middle school and early high school and saw their names skyrocket in regional and national conversation. 

The youngest Brown previously sat inside the Top 25 of the ESPN HoopGurlz recruiting rankings for the 2023 class. While she doesn’t currently hold that spot, she knows she can lean on her sister as her career blossoms and begins to hear from more schools. 

“She explains the process of recruiting to me but even more so it’s telling me about things in high school that she wishes she would have done,” Brown said. “I’m trying to work on those things to make myself the best player that I can.”

Could Brown have carved her own path in a different sport? Sure. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. She has spent time in the pool and on the soccer field, playing almost any sport possible besides softball. 

Much like her family, basketball is firmly entrenched in her DNA.

“I tried everything,” she said. “... Basketball has always been my favorite and it’s just so much fun. Seeing my sister play and with my parents’ experience, it was something we could always talk about and relate to.” 

Brown is no stranger to sitting down and watching film with her family, dissecting the fine print of her latest game. She credits her family for understanding how to make her the best version of herself, not filling the shoes of any member of her family and finding the best school for her. 

“Not everyone’s recruiting process is the same and Kennedy and I’s processes are different too,” she said. “They always support me and are always there for me. They’re waiting for me to find the right fit and that’s what I’m looking for.”