Derby boys win league swim title

Nearly 20 years separated Derby’s last two league championships.

One year after breaking a 19-year hiatus, the program is back atop AVCTL-I boys swimming.

Derby (413) had 13 separate performances from an individual or relay that finished inside the top five. It bested Salina South (374) and Maize (356) for the league crown.

“It’s been tough and hasn’t always been the prettiest,” senior Jordan Weve said. “We definitely came out and worked hard and it came together [at the right time].”

The idea of a repeated crown was certainly thought of, but wasn’t something that was going to come easy for Adams’ crew. 

The Panthers lost 15 seniors off of last year’s team, but felt they had the pieces to retool in 2019-2020. 

“We had multiple kids where it was their first year,” coach Jimmy Adams said. “… They bought into what we were doing. It was a rough start [this season], but they put the work in and saw the way we do things.”

Weve, a senior, and sophomore William McCabe were the two individuals to win events in Saturday’s meet. The duo were also a part three separate relays that placed at Campus. 

“We had so many guys step up,” Weve said. “We had a few ‘eh’ swims, but after that, guys bounced back and put up some amazing times.”

Maize had won nine-straight league titles (2010-18) before Derby’s crown last winter. Now, McCabe said he and his fellow underclassmen want to continue a run of their own. 

“We’re a program on the rise,” he said with a smile.

As Adams sat along the east edge of the Campus natatorium, he wasn’t only captivated by the performances of his current swimmers. He watched as multiple graduates of the program were poolside, witnessing the fruit of the program they poured into. 

“We had kids that graduated four or five years ago back to cheer us on,” the Derby coach said. “We’re starting to build that family and winning does help that, but some of these guys were a part of teams finishing third or fourth in league. They come back and [support] and believe what we’re doing with this program.”

400-yard freestyle relay 

1. Maize, 3:30.35 

2. Salina Central, 3:31.53

3. Salina South, 3:34.75

4. Derby (Jordan Weve, Peyton Lake, Heath Nickel, Magnus Moeder), 3:35.63

5. Campus, 3:37.49

100-yard breaststroke 

1. William McCabe, Derby, 1:04.50

2. Taylor, Salina South, 1:06.77

3. Wintholz, Salina Central, 1:11.11

4. Henry, Salina South, 1:11.80

5. Berland, Salina South, 1:12.79

 200-yard freestyle relay 

1. Derby (Jordan Weve, Magnus Moeder, William McCabe, Trent Voth), 1:32.64

2. Maize, 1:34.40

3. Salina South, 1:37.29

4. Salina Central, 1:40.15

5. Newton, 1:40.96

500-yard freestyle

1. Taylor, Maize, 4:58.73

2. Chadd, Campus, 5:10.64

3. Beggs, Maize, 5;19.13

4. Iselin, Salina South, 5:27.02

5. Peyton Lake, Derby, 5:40.08

100-yard freestyle 

1. Rost, Salina Central, 48.70

2. Linenberger, Salina South, 52.33

3. Warren, Campus, 54.86

4. Osborne, Maize, 55.14 

5. Andrew Abdullayev, Derby, 56.70

100-yard butterfly 

1. Jordan Weve, Derby, 55.10

2. Exline, Salina South, 57.79

3. Tyrell, Newton, 59.33

4. Perkins, Salina Central, 1:01.09

5. Magnus Moeder, Derby, 1:02.11

50-yard freestyle 

1. Ekerberg, Newton, 23.57

2. Engelken, Newton, 23.71

3. Magnus Moeder, Derby, 24.00

4. Osborne, Maize, 24.28

5. Osborn, Salina South, 24.46 

200-yard IM

1. Taylor, Maize 2:04.61

2. Jordan Weve, Derby, 2:06.96

3. Trent Voth, Derby, 2:15.36

4. Schulte, Salina Central, 2:17.08

5. Cooper, Derby, 2:24.50 

200-yard medley relay 

1. Salina South, 1:47.26

2. Salina Central, 1:48.13

3. Maize, 1:50.59

4. Derby (Trent Voth, William McCabe, Peyton Lake, Heath Nickel) 1:51.18

5. Newton, 1:52.60 

200-yard freestyle 

1. Rost, Salina Central, 1:47.80

2. William McCabe, Derby, 1: 49.38

3. Chadd, Campus, 1:53.73

4. Sprowls, Maize, 1:55.79

5. Beggs, Maize, 1:57.32


  1. Derby, 413 
  2. Salina South, 374 
  3. Maize, 356 
  4. Salina Central, 278 
  5. Campus, 260 
  6. Newton, 256 
  7. Hutchinson, 54