Derby Public Schools will be implementing a new safety and security provision, SafeVisitor, in an effort to create a safer environment for students.

The SafeVisitor program is a check-in system that will be required for all school visitors. Each visitor will provide his or her driver’s license or government-issued ID. The ID will be scanned to show if the visitor is on any national database of registered sex offenders and local exclusion lists. The entire check-in process will take 30 seconds. All visitors who are approved to enter the school will receive a badge with a photo after check-in. Visitors must wear this badge at all times while in the school.

“Student safety is a top priority in our district,” said Robin Folkerts, instructional coordinator at Derby Public Schools, “The SafeVisitor system will enhance school entrance security, streamline the check-in process, and help manage visitors and volunteers who enter our schools.”

SafeVisitor will first be implemented at Derby Hills Elementary, Derby High School, Derby North Middle School, and Tanglewood Elementary for first semester. By second semester, all Derby schools will have this system in place.

If the system does find a concern with a visitor, designated school personnel will immediately be notified to ensure student safety.

SafeVisitor has been an effective tool at other school districts. Derby visited four other school districts to learn more about the benefits of this program. The results at the other schools were positive with no technology issues.

For those visitors who wish to make a quick stop at the front office to drop off or pick up materials, it will not be necessary to go through the SafeVisitor system. Also, for frequent visitors, there is a possibility to get an annual badge that can be scanned at each visit.


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