The leadership and congregation at Derby’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church found a way to offer something to the public that helps fill a void in Derby. Along with that, it gives the church a ministry to help support the community.

Longtime St. Andrew’s Church members and community leaders Bob and Cheri Gage talked about how at first, only church parishioners utilized the group meeting and eating area for their own individual events. At that time it brought people in who were beginning to see what the event space had to offer Derby. But about a year ago, church leaders decided to rent the facility and let the public use it, hoping to fill a void in the community.

The Guild Hall at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a perfect gathering space for up to 100 people and offers a variety of amenities for users, all of which are included in one low cost.

Clients will have access to the meeting and eating space, as well as an extremely large, fully functioning kitchen with two cooking ovens and a large refrigerator. Users also have access to a microwave, coffee maker and an industrial dishwasher.

A real benefit for users comes in the availability of all the tables and chairs you need as well as enough dishes, glassware and silverware to help feed a room full of people – all at no additional cost. That means you won’t have to spend money somewhere else to rent any extras.

There are two restrooms available for guests, both with infant changing stations in them. Speaking of children, parents will love the access they have to a private nursery and a separate playroom for the kids.

Complete audiovisual services are also available, making it perfect for groups, business meetings and more. And, of course, no extra cost for these services either.

Sounds like a lot, and it is. What isn’t a lot is the price you pay for all of this.

“Derby has a lot of great facilities, but many of them are mostly for larger groups and can be fairly expensive. We want to offer a lot of services for smaller groups at an affordable price,” Cheri Gage said. 

Gage said St. Andrew’s Church is trying to offer a simple, low-cost package for their venue area without a lot of add-ons. The rental fee is only $125 for four hours or less, and $200 for over four hours. Those fees include the use of everything mentioned above. A $150 refundable deposit is also required. 

The Guild Hall at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church can be used for a wide range of events and activities that will fit a group of 100 or less and seat 65 or more easily. Bridal showers, baby showers, family dinners, group training sessions, birthday and anniversary celebrations, receptions, graduation parties and much more will work efficiently and effectively in the church’s facility. 

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is at 1062 E. Chet Smith Ave. in Derby, located right across from Garrett Park. The location in south Derby next to the park provides a unique opportunity to combine the usage of one of Derby’s larger parks with the facility. For example, a day-long family reunion could have fun activities in the park. The meals, a quieter place to reminisce, and the nursery and playroom for kids could be utilized across the street at the church. The ideas are endless on what this park and church venue combination could offer. 

So, if you are looking for that perfect facility that fits a more intimate group, has everything you need and more, at a price so low it surprises many – the Guild Hall at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Derby is the place you’re looking for. 

Call the church at 788-2595 to schedule a tour, then find out more about reserving your date at a safe, accommodating facility. Soon to be Derby’s most sought-after meeting place.

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