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Derby schools are getting some changes in leaders this academic year. The 12 administrators are mostly from within the district and are moving into new roles, but there also are some people coming from outside the district. Derby Schools Superintendent Heather Bohaty said she is excited about the new team.

“We have a great mix coming in,” Bohaty said.

The USD 260 people taking new roles are due to the district being able to “grow” them and their skills, she said. The leaders coming from other districts will be able to contribute their ideas, experience and vigor to Derby schools, she said.

For more information, visit https://derbyschools.com/district/district_leadership_team_directory

Rachel Eastman_7-16-20_LowRes_color.jpg

Rachel Eastman, Cooper Elementary Principal. Eastman’s most recent role was serving as an assistant principal at Seltzer Elementary in Wichita. She has also worked as a music teacher at Park Hill Elementary, USD 259; and in San Francisco and Austin, Texas.

Dawn Gresham_7-16-20_color.jpg

Dawn Gresham, Assistant Director of Special Services Secondary. Gresham has been an assistant principal and an intellectual and developmental disabilities coach for the Sedgwick County Cooperative. She has taught students in Wichita schools and now also is an adjunct professor.

Laurey Logan_7-16-20_color.jpg

Laurey Logan, Swaney Elementary Principal. Logan comes to USD 260 from Topeka Public Schools and was an administrative intern at Ross Elementary in Topeka.

Becky Moeder_7-16-20_color.jpg

Becky Moeder, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. She previously was a teacher and was Assistant Director of Special Services. She has lived in Derby all her life and attended Derby schools.

Donna Osborn_7-16-20_color.jpg

Donna Osborn, Oaklawn Elementary Principal. She previously was a third grade teacher at Derby Hills Elementary. Osborn has taught several different grades at the elementary level and also taught at the middle school level.

Gretchen Pontious_LowRes_7-16-20_color.jpg

Gretchen Pontious, Park Hill Elementary Principal. Pontious has served as a math teacher and department chair at Derby High School and previously taught mathematics in Rose Hill.

Carla Schartz_7-16-20_color.jpg

Carla Schartz, Assistant Director of Special Services Elementary. Schartz was previously principal at El Paso Elementary. She also worked as a teacher at Tanglewood Elementary.

Nicki Seeley_7-16-20_color.jpg

Nicki Seeley, Director of Special Services. Seeley was Assistant Director of Special Services. She has lived and worked in Derby since the summer of 2014. Her husband, Shane, is assistant principal at Derby High School.

Luan Sparks_7-16-20_color.jpg

Luan Sparks, Director of Alternative Learning. Sparks was Director of Special Services. She has worked as a special education teacher in Derby and as an adminstrator and principal in other districts.

Allie Tatrow_LowRes_7-16-20_color.jpg

Allie Tatrow, Instructional Coordinator. She previously was an English teacher at Derby High School. An experienced bowler, she also has been the DHS bowling coach.

Ashley Wagner_7-16-20_color.jpg

Ashley Wagner, El Paso Elementary Principal. Wagner’s most recent role was the principal at Enders Leadership and Community Service Magnet Elementary in Wichita. She has also served as an assistant elementary principal in Wichita.

Brent Wolf_LowRes_7-16-20_color.jpg

Brent Wolf, Derby Hills Elementary Principal. Wolf’s most recent role was a sixth grade English teacher and department chair at Derby North Middle School.


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