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If you drove through the nooks and crannies of Derby recently, especially where there is a school, you will have seen a lot more activity this summer than in the past. Contractors and school officials are busy trying to wrap up bond projects that were slated to be done before or right around the start of school.

In our Education in Derby section, we have information on what school bond projects will impact students as they head back to school very soon. The community can also learn who some of the people are in new leadership roles around the district. New buses will be transporting kids this year and a new school calendar is in this issue to keep you up to date.

Some great features on people who make things happen at Derby schools will be sure to warm your heart, and don’t miss the story on how some of us older folks can continue to learn.

This August issue of ZOOM, Derby’s new community magazine, is full of a lot more than what’s going on with schools.

If you didn’t make it to the new Fire Station 81 public open house, you can sneak a peek at it in this issue. Some call it one of the best new fire stations in the state.

Read how a local coach and a business professional in Derby have teamed up to bring the entire community a character and accountability program, which started out just for the football team.

And last but not least, read about a program in Derby that has grown to help people facing tough times and financial devastation learn to see and overcome the challenges of poverty.

Again, thanks to everyone who has expressed their satisfaction with the new ZOOM-Derby magazine. This is our third issue and we look forward to years of growth and success telling the good stories in Derby.

ZOOM is mailed free to thousands of Derby and Mulvane residents. You can pick up extra copies at our offices at 219 E. Madison in Derby. Let me know what you think about this new publication and give me your great ideas on stories for ZOOM. You may email me at or call 788-4006.

Jeff Cott, Publisher


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