Question 1: What are your legislative priorities in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, both if it continues to persist through the next session and in terms of follow-up actions?


I would make sure to get testing done quicker.

Everybody should get tested throughout the state of Kansas, so COVID won’t continue on and become worse. And if it does continue, at least to keep everybody safe.

We can at least continue with what our governor started with the actual mask mandate. There has been proven facts that masks do actually help people. I also want to keep everybody completely funded, so that we don’t go into another recession as well.

Question 2: What are your thoughts on “Roy’ale’s Law,” a bill that was a result of the case of Roy’ale Spencer, a 9-year-old Wichita boy who was accidentally killed by a friend playing with a weapon they got out of a safe with a broken lock? The law would require loaded firearms, not secured by a trigger lock mechanism, to be placed in a securely locked box or container. What do you think should be or should not be done with current gun laws?

The first part of the question – I think it is a very good incentive for gun owners with children. If they want to own a gun, they should at least be able to protect themselves, but also make sure their family is safe by making sure their kids don’t get ahold of their guns. Keeping them locked up is a very good way to do that.

On the second part, with the gun laws, I do believe in the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s just like a car – anything else – you do have to register your gun. And I do think we should make sure to do the background checks and make sure that people own guns that are actually registered. I have seen a problem with that. People do throw out the Second Amendment, which it is in our Bill of Rights. Owning a gun is a main thing that our Founding Fathers meant for us to do. But we also should make sure guns are registered and you do get them legally and not illegally.

Question 3: What is your position and approach on funding of schools? Do you feel the State has met its responsibility in funding Kansas schools and how or how not?

With the funding of schools, I don’t really think Kansas has done exactly what it should do to help fund schools and prepare the children of the future.

I really think we should implement, like in high school, programs to prepare them more for after they get out of high school. We could possibly require classes for debt management and also give them classes to prepare them for government as well. At least maybe a year. There are more options out there than going to fast food and going to college to try to just make it by. Young people could start out and join the Kansas Senate or House. All you have to be is 18 to be in the House for Kansas and 21 for the Senate. I think that would be an incentive to get younger generations to go out and use their experience that they learned, to see what their parents had to go through to get them by, while bringing a better change into Kansas.

Question 4: What makes you the best man for the job and what advantages or benefits do you offer over your opponent?

I believe our Senate should have fresh and new ideas. I am a little bit younger and have a 5-year-old of my own. And I want to make the world – at least Kansas – better for her, and to help us move forward instead of backwards. Bringing fresh new ideas, and getting a new perspective of Kansas helps. The next generation will then feel more like they are able to run for office and run as well.


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