Service is key at Iverson & Westfall Plumbing and Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning

L-R: Eddie Hudson, Bobby Goin, Justin Cummins, “Hank” the dog, Andrea Cummins, Brian Warren, Meridy Burdick.

Iverson & Westfall Plumbing and Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning aren’t franchise businesses. What that means for customers is that the companies won’t try to sell you; they’re there to help in life’s “uh-oh” moments.

That’s the philosophy of Justin and Andrea Cummins, who purchased the companies in 2011.

“We’re a hometown service,” Justin Cummins said. “We’re going to be here for as long as we can. We’re not salesmen. We’re just here to offer a service.

“We take pride in our work and our integrity. We are part of the communities we serve. Our reputation for being trustworthy, honest, and having quality work are very important to us. Ninety percent of our new customers are referrals from other customers; that’s what we strive for.”

That’s different than the business model at a franchise, where “the guy who knocks on your door isn’t going to be the one who does the work,” Cummins said.

Iverson & Westfall Plumbing has been in the Derby area since 1972. After purchasing the company in 2011, the Cumminses moved to 108 W. Mulvane St. in Mulvane.

Three plumbers – plus Justin Cummins – offer mainly residential plumbing services but also do new home plumbing and some commercial business – think tubs, toilets, sinks, faucets and fixtures.

Services include:

• Residential

• Commercial

• Repairs

• Remodel

• New construction

• Well pumps

• Water service lines

• Sewer replacement

• Sump pumps

• Back-up sump pumps

• Repipe (copper or PEX pipe)

• Bradford-White water heaters

• Tankless water heaters

• Trenching and backhoe

• Faucets

• Toilets

• Showers

• Tub and showers

• Sewer and drain cleaning

• Troubleshooting

The company offers free estimates and is licensed and insured.

Repair, replacement, and re-plumbing are the core of the business. Iverson & Westfall Plumbing also puts in water lines and sewer and gas lines from the “main line” to inside a property.

From city water issues to rural areas, Cummins said the team at Iverson & Westfall Plumbing is adept at troubleshooting problems. The staff works on wells and well pumps along with sump pumps. They also sell, install, and service water heaters and tankless water heaters.

Iverson & Westfall Plumbing will service all brands.

Established in the 1990s, Hess Brothers Water Conditioning grew to include Derby Water Conditioning. The ability to offer plumbing and water softening services from the same company sets the businesses apart.

The Cumminses kept the names of all the businesses due to their history and name recognition.

New hires have been quality employees who know how to get a job done right, Justin Cummins said. They stand by their work and the quality of their products.

Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning offer both drinking water and water conditioning systems.

“We sell, install and service our own reverse osmosis drinking water system that gives you three gallons of bottled water straight from your faucet,” Justin Cummins said. “This gives you the quality of bottled water, right at your kitchen sink. It’s healthier, it produces less waste and, in the long run, is much more affordable.” Options are available to rent or to buy.

Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning offers:

• Water softeners

• Reverse osmosis drinking systems

• Iron filtration system

• Carbon filters

• Sales and service

• Rentals

• Chemical analysis

The company installs Hellenbrand water conditioning equipment. Hellenbrand offers innovative technology, Justin Cummins said.

Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning also services Aquarius and numerous other brands of water softeners.

The company can get to the bottom of smelly or unpleasant-tasting water and help with hard water issues as well. Estimates are free.

Service is key at Iverson & Westfall Plumbing and Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning 2

Located at 108 W. Mulvane St., Mulvane, Kansas.


Iverson & Westfall Plumbing, Inc.

Hess Brothers & Derby Water Conditioning

108 W. Mulvane St., Mulvane, KS 67110

316-777-1221 •


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