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Have you wondered what you need to do to have a beautiful, lush lawn? It comes down to taking the time to perform the consistent applications that are designed to give your lawn the nutrients and weed controls needed. Couple that with the knowledge and expertise of a professional that can see and recognize a problem when it arises, and all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy it.

TenderCare Lawn & Landscape has been in business making Derby and area lawns look great for 36 years. With that kind of experience, you can trust that they have built up a long history of integrity and customer satisfaction.

“It’s really all about doing what you say you will do and delivering it,” TenderCare founder Kevin Payne said.

Payne says having integrity and treating customers with respect is the backbone of what has made TenderCare successful.

Those elements of integrity and respect are connected to everything they do. That includes what TenderCare provides to customers in their six-step lawn care program.

The six-step program provides spring weed and crabgrass control. Fertilizer applications will get your lawn started early, and will continue to help fend off diseases and more when the heat of summer starts to kick in. Applications in the fall and winter can add assistance to lawns when the harsh temperatures of winter show up and be the key to a beautiful lawn when spring rolls around.

Additional services that include grub control treatments and core aeration will also help to ensure your lawn is protected and conditioned to stay healthy.

Weather conditions in Kansas are not only stressful on lawns but also on trees and shrubs. Extreme temperature changes from warm to intense cold, almost overnight, can cause winter damage to many  plants. Winter drought like we had this past winter will not only play havoc on lawns in the spring but  plants as well. Let them inspect your plants, trees and shrubs and create a program that provides the nutrients they need that will protect them from the extreme and brutal Kansas weather.

And to make sure that your lawn gets the proper irrigation throughout the growing season and into fall, a lawn irrigation system can be another valuable step to keeping a lawn beautiful. You don’t drag hoses  around and spend your time monitoring sprinklers. You’ll save money on water as well as expenses in dealing with a potential drought-stricken lawn.

TenderCare installs and services irrigation systems. They can design a system that fits your home landscape and will take the time to show you how it works. Today’s lawn irrigation technology makes watering your lawn efficient and automatic. All you have to do is enjoy a beautiful lawn.

If you already own a lawn irrigation system, TenderCare has a complete irrigation service and repair department that can always keep it running. If you haven’t started up your existing system, give us a call and we can help.


The key to reducing and even eliminating pests in your home starts with stopping them from ever entering. TenderCare’s home or business perimeter pest control program can help control nuisance pests such as spiders, ants, crickets, wasps and more. The goal is to keep insects outside your home – not inside.

Making routine visits throughout the most active part of the pest season is essential. The best thing about it is TenderCare employees never enter the home and that means you don’t have to be present for treatment.

Let TenderCare’s long 36-year history work to give you the lawn, landscape and outdoor living area you deserve. Call them today at 316-788-5416 or visit them online at www.tendercarelandscape.com.


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