Derby Dental Care offers “Air Way Orthodontics” for better faces, no braces!

Three out of four children have crooked teeth. Through a natural, non-invasive approach, Derby Dental Care can prevent crooked teeth and improve a patient’s overall oral health with myofunctional therapy and Myobrace.

Crooked teeth are a symptom of bad oral habits such as snoring, mouth breathing, teeth grinding, thumbsucking and tongue thrust swallowing.

Dalanna Hanson, registered dental hygienist, is the only myofunctional therapist in Derby.

She meets with patients to decide on an individualized therapy plan.

Patients learn healthy habits like resting their tongue on the roof of their mouth, breathing through their nose and swallowing properly.

Myobrace is an optional tool that patients can use during therapy, and Derby Dental Care is the only certified Myobrace provider in Derby.

Myobrace is a removable appliance that a patient can wear while doing homework, watching TV or playing video games.

“When it is in your mouth, it creates a muscle memory and mimics what should be biologically happening anyway,” Hanson said. “When you are wearing this, you are doing it right. Everything is in the right place.”

Hanson starts seeing physical changes in a patient’s teeth within the first couple of weeks after treatment.

Myofunctional therapy can also prevent a patient from needing braces or decrease the amount of time a patient spends in braces depending on their condition when they start treatment. Patients with therapy can sometimes spend six months in braces instead of two years, and teeth will remain straight without retainers.

Patients also learn about how good posture, nutrition and proper breathing affects how their teeth move.

“It’s like physical therapy for your mouth,” Hanson said.

Straight teeth are a side effect compared to the other health benefits of therapy such as improved breathing, chewing, swallowing and digestion. It can also help with sleep apnea, headaches, TMD, periodontal disease and more.

Therapy is ideal for children ages 5-15 who have problems with allergies, a bad bite or who breathe through their mouth. However, people of all ages can benefit from treatment.

“We are about prevention,” Hanson said. “Many people don’t realize that snoring is a symptom of sleep-disordered breathing which has the same symptoms as ADHD. We teach the children proper oral habits, and set them up for a lifetime of healthy development.”

Call Derby Dental Care today at 789-9999 for a free consultation and follow them on Instagram @myobrace.ddc.

Cody J. Gunnell, D.D.S. – General Dentist

Cody J. Gunnell

I like dentistry because you get to know your patients really well. You get to build relationships with people in the community.”

Dr. Gunnell is a graduate of Utah State University where he received his B.S. degree in Biological Engineering. He then attended Creighton University School of Dentistry and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2015.

Following graduation from dental school, Dr. Gunnell completed 
an Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) at Wichita State University in 2016.

Dr. Gunnell enjoys volunteering locally with the Boy Scouts of America as a mentor and is an active member of his church. In his spare time he, his wife and two children enjoy traveling, playing golf, going to the movies, and spending time together.

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