Family Readiness Center helps guide financial responsibility

The most utilized service of the Family Readiness Center is the financial program.

Many young airman do not have a savings plan or budgets in place for day-to day living. The center offers certified financial counselors to advise single airman, as well as families, on the proper use of a budget, savings plans, and investment plans for life during and after the Air Force.

“They talk with them about investing from the beginning, so when they get out of the military, they have a nice investment plan,” said Mary Reece, Director of Airman and Family Readiness at McConnell Air Force Base.

There are also loan programs which allow for interest-free short-term borrowing for emergency or tragic events which may occur.

Counselors work with those who have debt issues and assist with debt consolidation and payoff. “They can help with lenders, fraud, and identity theft as well.”

The financial services offered through the Family Readiness Center are extensive and provide a real help to those in need.

Reece spoke of one instance she remembers that shows the value of the services offered.

“We had an airman walk into our office that was almost at the point of suicide because he did not see any way out of his problems. He was thirty thousand dollars in debt, his security clearance was threatened to be pulled. So, we sat down with him and worked on debt consolidation, and met with one of our counselors every pay day. We got him through that part, got his security clearance cleared up. Even after we got him to the point that he was debt free, he came in every pay day to make sure he was saving for the future so he never got in that situation again.”

When it’s all over it isn’t unusual for them to be debt free and they can afford to go out and have dinner without feeling guilty.

“It is all because they have worked the process and followed the directions they were given,” Reece said.


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