Director of Operations Burke Jones recently presented to the Derby Board of Education some of the sanitation and cleaning methods that will likely be used once schools reopen. Many already became routine over the summer. Note that these are subject to change at any time.

Derby’s Nicole Atkinson has had culinary aspirations from a young age. While she remembers being nervous to tell her best friend in first grade about those dreams, the professed Food Network fan quickly got over that and has jumped into her professional cooking career feet first.

Derby schools are getting some changes in leaders this academic year. The 12 administrators are mostly from within the district and are moving into new roles, but there also are some people coming from outside the district. Derby Schools Superintendent Heather Bohaty said she is excited abou…

Before the current pandemic situation drove up traffic even further, Derby’s Disc Golf Course at Stone Creek Park was already a prime destination given the number of attractions that appealed to the sport’s enthusiasts.

The Derby Board of Education recently selected Robin Folkerts as its new board member. Folkert’s appointment fills the vacancy left by former board member Matt Hoag, who resigned in June.