There was an auto accident in Derby last week at an intersection controlled by 4-way stop signs. The cause for the accident is not the issue of this letter.

There were several vehicles who slowed down and/or stopped after the accident and asked if the occupants needed assistance. (None was needed.)

It was relayed to me that there was a third vehicle near the intersection that may have witnessed the accident.

The driver allegedly stopped at his stop sign, glanced at the accident scene as he drove through the site, and never stopped to lend any assistance or even ask if help was needed.

Now, the Good Lord was watching over both drivers involved in the accident, as there were no apparent injuries, but what if there were?

The person who drove through the site might have been able to aid, or at least comfort the injured, while contacting the police. At the very least, he could have been able to offer a statement to the police as to what he saw.

It is very disturbing to me that this person did not make an effort to stop and offer any assistance.

Additionally, there was no offer of assistance from any of the occupants in the houses surrounding the intersection. Granted, there may have been no one home, but what if there was someone home?

My hope and prayer is that everyone takes a look in the mirror and ask themselves a simple question: What if that was me or someone I love involved in the accident?

It’s my understanding that the law does not require other drivers to stop and offer help or even a statement. However, we all have a moral responsibility to do the right thing and offer aid and comfort if needed.

I hope that whomever saw this accident can sleep well after looking in the mirror and reflecting on the event they witnessed.


Derby, Kansas


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