As you might expect, I pay attention to most national news, especially that coming out of Washington, D.C. It becomes extremely difficult in this day and age for a consumer of news to get to the core of what a story is really about, or should be about. My view as to why that is comes down to anger.

Anger in the media and anger with those in Washington who are making the news, together are impacting the way news is reported.

The building up of anger can naturally tend to create more bias in how a story is reported. It’s not supposed to form the journalist’s perspective, but there is no question today that bias in national journalism is a result of anger and more evident than ever before.

The national media has always carried on with somewhat of a minimal bias or slant. The difference today is that national news is so much more biased, than what it may have been some 30 years ago, that consumers are left seeking other more unreliable sources. Thanks to the real fake news of our time - internet propaganda sites that are agenda driven – speaking of anger.

Certainly no other President in our time has been more vocal about discrediting the national media than our current commander. And those at the national media level with egos far beyond the average Joe assume they can set things straight. So off they go presenting news which is first designed to fight back and not report all the facts. So we have an angry media and an angry commander. And the consumer of news is who suffers the most, at least for now.

The reality is both parties may have a legitimate right to feeling angered and if neither get their way, it will only get worse. So, will someone put on their big boy pants and really do what’s right?

Political leaders change, but the media will still be around. The media has the duty of bringing the facts to the people and letting the people decide what is right, from legitimate, unbiased coverage. I’ll trust the people long before I trust any political leader or big-headed national media organization that is angry about some negative comment or interpretation.

The most dangerous element of all is when the people become angered the most. At the point that happens, if it hasn’t started already, the national media will become totally untrustworthy, irrelevant and could even collapse financially. That is the real scare of uncontrolled anger. Because the vision that follows is state-controlled information, something that doesn’t recognize truth at all.

Political leaders and the national media talking heads could take lessons from smaller community newspapers and information sources in the heart of the country, lessons like, stick with the facts. Report what is real and be a service to ALL in your area. With those lessons they will serve the people properly and control their destiny forever, without ongoing anger.



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