“Welcome back!” The Derby Recreation Commission staff have found themselves gratefully saying this more and more this spring. Many of our members on “COVID timeouts” have been returning as COVID cases drop in the area and more of the community has the opportunity to be vaccinated. Registrations for spring programs have been very strong, and we held a 37-team softball tournament in late March which is a good sized field for us. We are extremely excited to see the return of many familiar, friendly faces.

The DRC wants to maintain positive momentum in the community. The DRC will continue with masking policies and program safety procedures. We will continue to evaluate health orders and advice from our state and local officials to ensure the safest possible environments for our patrons. We have been extremely proud of our ability to safely deliver services to our community throughout the pandemic.

With that said, there are a lot of exciting activities coming up in April. Spring sports begin this month for both youth and adults. Pre-school game day for the little ones is on April 8 and is in the DRC indoor pool this time! We will be having a horseback riding clinic on April 10. We will host our Middle School Dance on April 30 in the Hubbard Arts Center for the first time. We will have a large amount of Art and Cooking classes in April and May but make sure to register early as spots are going fast! Please visit our website at www.derbyrec.com for more information on all our offerings.

We would especially like to point out Lifeguard Training in April. This class is required for employment at Rock River Rapids. The DRC is still actively looking for more lifeguards for summer employment. Lifeguarding is a great resumé builder for young people and life at Rock River Rapids is always a fun and exciting environment. It’s a great way to earn some cash in the summer and make an impact in the community.

It’s hard to overstate the amount of hope and optimism we are seeing from people in our programs and facilities lately. We feel the positive energy without a doubt and want to reflect that back to our community in everything we do. We’re not sure about you, but it seems like social activities truly mean so much more after the last year. Thank you to the community for hanging with us in good times and bad. We want to be part of your recovery story in the coming months!


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