The 2019-2020 school year has officially begun. While I confess to a trifle of relief that the children tearing around my neighborhood will now be confined to one, slightly distant, location for the majority of daylight hours, I also want to wish all students best wishes for a year of learning, growth, friendships, and enriching experiences. Love them or hate them, your K-12 school days will be gone before you know it. Each year comes with its own challenges and wonderful moments, so let’s make the most of the next nine months.

To all Eagles, Huskies, Cougars, Dragons, Pandas, Cheetahs, Tigers, Thunderbirds, Wildcats, Falcons, Bulldogs, and Panthers:

May your mornings begin well-rested and with a full stomach.

May you find a friend (or ten) at lunch.

May your teachers be patient and your classmates ready to learn.

May your passing periods be long enough to actually use the bathroom.

May your backpacks be light - especially when carrying homework.

May you enjoy at least one snowday.

May recess be spent exploring new things - new games, new friendships, and new feats of daring on the jungle gym. (But not too daring, your mom asked me to remind you.)

May your plate overfloweth with crunchy munchy chili and cinnamon rolls.

May your teams win, and your music concerts be in tune.

But, may you make memories so wonderful the outcome doesn’t actually matter.

I wish you a year of becoming more curious, confident, capable, and kind. Have a great year!



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