Today was supposed to look different for Derby High School sports.

Set months in advance, today was the day to unveil our annual preview for all Panther spring athletics. Simply put, our plans have changed in ways we could never have seen coming.

Due to the unprecedented move of closing all Kansas K-12 schools and the cancellation of the KSHSAA spring season, no sports will be played between today and May 29.

Much like March 12 when we witnessed the cancellation of state basketball, the news spurred strong emotions and understandably so.

On behalf of the Informer staff, our hearts go out to these student athletes who have seen their year cut short. Especially to the 2020 class, who sits today wondering what it’ll still get to experience before they start college in the fall.

We all sit in anticipation of when these days of isolation will end, but we wanted to not let spring sports slip by quite yet.

On March 13, Informer photographers made it to team pictures for each of Derby’s seven spring sports. These team pictures were supposed to be the centerfold of our preview section. As we discussed what to do moving forward, we couldn’t miss the chance to share them with you.

We hope that these images will offer a smile to the community and to the friends and families of these student athletes. Virus or not, these were simply too good not to share. They are a piece of Derby history that deserves to be celebrated.

So what can you expect for sports coverage?

These days have caused a massive ripple effect through our lives. We’re seeing businesses, schools and finances suffer greatly from the shutdown of facilities nationwide.

While sports coverage might be gone, we promise to still bring you in-depth analysis, interviews and stories that capture the essence of Derby’s past and present student athletes. We might just offer up a few surprises along the way. You won’t want to miss them.


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