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We are very thankful for our partnership with our community and the support they provide to us every day. From committee volunteerism to parent group participation to the passing of our bond last year, our community believes in our vision and supports our efforts to provide a safe and positive place for our students to prepare for the next chapter in their lives.

Providing that safe environment is of paramount importance to us and the community, and safety and security is one of the primary reasons for the projects that are being completed using the bond. While not a bond-funded project, another project that we are completing right now to add to the safety and security of our district is the replacement of our phone system.

It may come as a surprise for many to learn that the backbone of the old phone system was originally purchased by the district in 1970. A few things have changed in the world of telephone and communications systems in the nearly 50 years that have passed since that time, and like the cell phones that many of us now carry and use on a daily basis, corporate phone systems now also have many more capabilities than just making and taking a voice phone call. The manufacturer of the old system decided to exit the phone system business, causing us to start looking at a replacement solution, but one of the key factors we wanted to focus on in this effort was student safety.

We used a consultant to help us identify our needs and develop specifications that put safety at the forefront of any potential solution. We identified the need for communications in the event of power or network outages and the ability to provide enhanced information to our first responders.

We are delighted with our final solution that provides an incredible amount of information to all of our first responders. If we have a situation in one of our buildings that requires us to contact emergency services, this new system not only sends the dispatch center the building address and phone number from which the call comes, it sends the room number and a customized set of instructions on the most efficient route to take to get to the exact location of the emergency. This allows a paramedic, for example, to get to the exact location in our building in an emergency precious seconds or even minutes quicker. The new solution also simultaneously communicates any call for emergency services to critical district staff to provide support and assistance from within the building with a single call.

We are excited about the new system and its ability to help us further enhance the safety and security of all of our students and staff.



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