In reading Mr. Lambro’s article on his offense to the reopening of our economy, i.e., businesses, I am reminded that the goal of the shutdown was to flatten the infection curve. Somehow the goal based on some writers/reporters like Mr. Lambro has morphed into totally stopping the virus. How do we do that?? It’s rare to stop a virus and it has to be one that doesn't morph into something else. Don't we still get colds?

His thoughts totally ignore the fact that, and forget politics, we will shortly be in an economic death spiral that will take us to a depression. It’s a recession when a neighbor loses a job and a depression when we lose our jobs.

To me, Mr. Lambro’s grasp of the economy is too shaded by his own politics to see what needs to be done and that the action taken is the right course. The projected number of those afflicted and associated deaths hasn't changed, it has just been spread out.

The real debate is, was it a mistake to quarantine everyone? Should we have limited the quarantine to those over 60 years old and folks with poor health and let the younger, healthy ones get it and move on? Herd immunity is not a bad word, it’s how things have worked for centuries.


Derby Kansas


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