Legal immigration has been a problem for 50 years and Congress has refused to do what is necessary to address this problem. We do not have the infrastructure to accept unlimited numbers of immigrants. A flood of immigrants would overwhelm our ability to provide proper and adequate services and facilities even for citizens. Yet, federal and state governments refuse to budge. To make matters worse, the divisiveness of the Trump administration has widened the gaps between liberals and ultra conservatives. This rift now is difficult to repair.

According to news broadcasts, many Central Americans fear gangs. We need to recognize these gangs were really created because of Americans who bought illicit drugs. Drug cartels developed to service this vice while our government figuratively sat on its own hands. Our government is obligated to protect this nation and its citizens. To do so, the drug-supplying countries required strong diplomatic, financial, and in the end military intervention to stomp out the drug producers before they ever grew into the great cartels of today.

Republicans refused to consider spending money they did not consider essential and Democrats wanted to spend the money on liberal issues. Neither wanted to spend anything on protecting our nation. The drug culture fueled itself with drug cartels compelling sellers to sell more and more illicit drugs. So, yes, WE have changed exploitation of the “Banana Republics,” turning them into drug cartel minion-states which peasant citizens cannot change and from which many innocent people want to flee.

There are multiple sides to the issue of illegal immigrants. First, consider the Trump administration’s dehumanization of people coming to border crossing stations seeking to be allowed asylum – whether their reason is acceptable or not; at least they didn’t attempt to cross somewhere in the desert. Second, Trump’s refusal of aid to the three countries representing the vast portion of asylum-seekers. Third, America’s appetite for illicit drugs and our national disgrace of failing effective rehabilitation of victims. Fourth, we must face America’s own refusal to cut off the head of the snake while the snake was young and still very small.

Don’t waste your time arguing about “open borders” or a “wall;” demand positive action by our own government and the problem nations. Demand our Congress do its duty to protect our citizens and pass comprehensive immigration laws. Set up facilities in our appropriate foreign embassies to establish asylum and guest worker programs so workers can legally come to do seasonal and other jobs on which many agricultural enterprises rely.


Derby, Kansas


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