In reading the article on the Trump flag my first thought was “misunderstanding? hogwash” asserting that authorities, be it school administration, teachers, and/or police misunderstood. They have the responsibility to enforce “known” laws, policies and regulations.

In this case it is obvious to me “opinions” and not laws, policies or regulations were enforced. And I believe it was politically motivated due to the “opinions” of the school administrator. When this happens, we have tyranny and the real rights of the people are trampled upon as happened here.

It should not be ignored that this was an egregious violation of a person’s civil rights. This is why it is absolutely critical those in charge of rule/law enforcement leave their opinions out of it. That did not occur here. Doing this is exactly how things flash into larger issues and people get injured.

I must wonder at any point, why didn’t someone attempt to point out the rule, law or policy clearly being violated to justify the actions? Personally my respect for the school and everyone involved dropped a bit from this.

Also, don’t be surprised if this issue isn't over. What if that witness, Lt. Miller, and the school administrator were to submit to a lie detector test and the results revealed Lt. Miller was indeed truthful?

Most of all, this is an old issue, one the school staff should have known about and followed the law on this one. Frankly they were “poorly” educated on the subject and a student’s rights were violated. That is a very serious issue.


Derby, Kansas


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