Reading the story about the proposal for a multi-disciplined sports training camp has me wondering how this will benefit the Derby community.

I find it hard to believe that but for a select few “sports” participants in the town and other communities that might take advantage of the facility, what we are offering the Derby community as a whole. Extra dollars for the tax base? The few who use the site will spend money? Are we becoming a training ground for sports teams and such? How will the “regular” citizens benefit?

Rather than a limited scope use facility, how about attracting a major retailer which would be of greater interest to a greater percentage of the citizens. I believe we have enough fast food spots, more than enough mattress stores, sufficient hair style venues, and the list can go on.

I would not be writing this if there were a proposal for an outdoor store. Names like Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Outdoors, or a Cabela’s/Bass Pro outlet store or other like enterprises come to mind.

There are numerous folks not just in Derby, but in surrounding communities as well, who spend time in the outdoors who would gravitate to an outdoor themed store. (The only others are in the northeast corner of Wichita and the failed downtown white elephant.) Shoppers would spend additional time and money in Derby, thus completing the circle of attracting and keeping the dollars here.

I would hope that there are more like-minded people in Derby who would agree and talk to their council reps or write a letter to the editor and voice their opinion. I believe that the silent majority needs to become vocal and cease this catering to the few.


Derby, Kansas



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