I write to you in hopes of generating awareness about a legitimate presidential choice for U.S. voters who are weary of the current two-party political system. Our candidate’s name is Dr. Jo Jorgensen, and she proudly represents the Libertarian Party.

Dr. Jorgensen has seen a massive increase in support nationwide, despite efforts by Facebook and other media to ignore – even censor – publicity about her candidacy. With Americans feeling frustrated and hopeless about the two major parties, Dr. Jo offers a refreshing platform of freedom and peace. She appears on the ballot this Election Day in all 50 states and D.C.

In a time of foreign wars, Dr. Jo intends to make the United States “one giant Switzerland: armed and neutral.”

In a time of staggering national debt, she will drastically cut government spending.

In a time of medical strain and uncertainty, she will remove the red tape and bureaucratic regulation so that treatments can reach patients sooner and far less expensively.

Dr. Jo also stands firm on issues of criminal justice reform, education reform, and immigration.

I hope you can help me bring awareness of this exciting ballot option to disgruntled citizens, so that no one has to feel pressured into voting for “the lesser evil” this election cycle.

Read more about Dr. Jo here: https://jo20.com/about/

In liberty,


Derby, Kansas


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