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I have served on multiple city councils for over a couple of decades and have learned what makes a person a viable council member. The first sign is how much time they have vested in serving the city on boards and councils learning the pulse of the city. The second is what kind of background with education and practical experience they have. Third is do they come with an “agenda” because they are unhappy with some issue or merely want to promote themselves. Fourth is how well will they work with other members serving on the City Council.

We are very fortunate to have the ideal candidate running for the City Council in Ward 2 in Jessica Rhein. She has served tirelessly on the Planning Commission for almost a decade, receiving very high marks for her work, and she backs up her decisions with a Civil Engineering degree and as a practicing Civil Engineer. She has no agenda driving her decisions and only wants to see well-thought-out, practical growth in Derby. She is a delightful person to be around and will be an excellent addition to the Derby City Council.

I cannot recommend Jessica Rhein highly enough for the position on the City Council in Ward 2. She is the ideal candidate.



City Council, Ward 2


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Mitch Adams

I fully concur with the sentiments of Council Hezlep. I have served alongside Jessica Rhein for more than 8 years on the City of Derby Planning Commission. Jessica is always prepared, and has excellent questions for the City Staff as well as applicants, and agents. I have never known Jessica to ask a question or approach any item before the Planning Commission for personal reason or gain. Her great engineering knowledge has always been a very valuable asset to the Planning Commission and helped us to ensure the City is evaluating and supporting proper and well thought out growth. She will do the same for the City Council and Ward 2. Mitch Adams, Chairperson City of Derby Planning Commission


Thank you so much for your support, Jack! And thank you to Mitch for the nice comment supporting me, too. I cannot express how much I appreciate it!

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