I am a Democrat living in Kansas and I voted for you twice. I liked what you had to say. You came across as a moderate who did not seem to be attached to the Republican Party above country as a candidate. And you still seem to be well grounded.

So, hear this revelation from someone who deeply cares for Kansas and this nation. It is time for you to discard and renounce the Trump Republican Party. Declare yourself to be an Independent and announce your intention to caucus with the Democrats in the Senate. It would take some behind the scenes efforts, but you could make this happen. If only you would. Be courageous!

Here are reasons, rationale and some positive outcomes:

  • The GOP no longer exists. It is the Trump GOP and no longer the party of my father or grandfather (I am a former Republican myself).
  • It would be a truly historic and grand gesture during a time when we need to have your voice heard.
  • You would be in a better position to influence legislation affecting the interests of Kansas agriculture and industry in our great state.
  • The people of Kansas would support and respect your courage and willingness to help shape our return to normalcy.
  • Everyone in this great nation would have you as an example of bipartisanship in action.

Dave Evans


P.S. Jerry, it looks like I was wrong about you.


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