This year, your Halloween just might look a little different than it usually does, thanks to the worldwide pandemic.

Maybe you’re planning a socially distanced mini Halloween bash. Or you’re looking for a costume that will rock the ages. Want to wow the neighborhood with the best-ever candy delivery system? Or is this the year that you start an epic tradition, but you don’t quite know what that looks like?

Whatever you might have up your sleeve to make this All Hallow’s Eve the best, if you need ideas or inspiration, the library is loaded with ghoulishly good resources to help you mix up a cauldron full of fun.

Many magazines’ October issues share Halloween ideas, and you can browse the collection of nearly 4,000 magazine titles through the RBdigital app.

If you need some creepy accompaniment for your Halloween activities, check out the Halloween music CDs from the library. Can’t get to the library to check out a physical CD? No problem. Search “Halloween” in the Hoopla app, filter to music and find dozens of spooky soundtracks to add atmosphere.

While you’re in the Hoopla app, don’t miss the Halloween movies if that’s your thing. There’s 122 movies to choose from, from classic creepy thrillers to kids’ stories with read alongs. Of course, there are also plenty of Halloween DVDs waiting to be checked out at the library as well.

The library is a great resource for books about the origins of Halloween, scary novels to keep you up all night listening to every creak and whisper, and cookbooks to help you scare up the best Halloween treats.

And what’s Halloween without a legendary costume? We can help with that, too. Well, we don’t have costumes available for you to check out, but we have books with ideas galore for kids and adults.

Oh, hey. About that candy delivery system. Is your house a medieval castle and you’re the gallant knight providing treats? A candy catapult might come in awfully handy. Or is your house in a jungle filled with terrifying animals? A zip line might help get those treats to the little witches and wizards who come by.

For more ideas and inspiration, visit the library’s online learning resources, found on the library website. Check out the Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center where you’ll find ideas for decorating, costumes, party ideas, games and more.

Of course, you won’t want to miss the extra-fun virtual Halloween story times – two of them! – and Halloween-themed virtual after-school programs. The pick-up craft the week of Halloween will be extra sweet!

So, don’t be too disappointed that the library isn’t haunted. We’ve got lots of treats available to make this Halloween one of the spookiest, sweetest, and scariest yet!


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