I know we are all tired of the COVID-19 virus and the changes it has triggered. It is discouraging especially not knowing what else is about to be impacted or how long this will last. Some people are fearful and others are frustrated. It is okay for us all to grieve. I know there are a myriad of questions but also numerous excellent sources of information. Rather than echo the same info, I would rather encourage you to find ways to make the best of what we are going through.

Obviously, this situation is exceptionally unusual and the disappointing consequences seem countless. The good news is, in time, this too shall pass. I am confident our community will get through this and one day it will just be interesting history.

Let us all subscribe to God’s greatest command, which is to “Love God & Love People.” How do we apply that command to this calamity?

I believe there are incredible opportunities for us to serve one another and to help each other perhaps more than any time in recent history. This is certainly a crisis but rather than focus on how hard this is or how it has hurt us personally, perhaps we can view this as an opportunity to minister to one another.

Reach out to our older neighbors at heightened risk. Is there anything they need? Perhaps we can run to the store or pharmacy for them. Do your neighbors need this sort of help?

How about our parents and grandparents? We may not normally call them very often but perhaps this is a great opportunity to reconnect with them. Perhaps they feel isolated or are fearful and need encouragement or companionship.

Emergency responders (EMS, Fire, Police, 911, etc.) probably have (or will soon have) heightened work schedules. Consider helping them by volunteering to watch their kids.

The American Red Cross is always in great need for blood donations and that is truer today than usual. If you are able to and you are still healthy, consider donating.

If you are a laid off worker, consider working temporarily at a grocery store. They can hardly keep up with the huge stock flowing through their stores.

If you have more than you need, consider donating food and commodities to the food bank or one of our local church food pantries. They know people that need those items and will be glad to make that connection.

If you can donate time or other resources, or if you need help, contact the United Way of the Plains at 2-1-1.

These are just a few ideas. I am sure there are countless other ways to serve. Nothing will help us feel better than when we help one another. Focusing on the needs of others becomes medicine for the soul.


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