Graduation file photo

A delayed graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 is set for August 15. Principal Tim Hamblin isn’t sure if the event will happen.

The Derby High School class of 2020’s graduation ceremony may be delayed again — or it may not happen at all.

Derby High School Principal Tim Hamblin plans to address the class of 2020’s graduation event, scheduled for August 15, at an early August board of education meeting. In a recent interview, Hamblin said that with county and state restrictions, along with the current COVID-19 climate, “the ceremony is in question.”

Hamblin doesn’t want to cancel the event, but that is one of his current options, he said. He has a few ideas for what could be done with the ceremony.

“Obviously, if we’re not allowed to do it on the 15th, we could postpone it further back into the fall,” Hamblin said. “We could also say it just isn’t going to work and cancel it. Or we could possibly look at adjusting it and modifying it in terms of who’s in attendance.”

There’s also the possibility of live streaming an event at Panther Stadium, Hamblin said, but he isn’t sure that would be allowed with current restrictions on large venues.

Hamblin said he will look to the education board for guidance on what to do. 

“I certainly want to be able to have something for the kids still, but at some point you just have to move on,” Hamblin said. 

“This thing’s bigger than all of us. I’m beginning to think I may not be able to do it.”