New sidewalk will reach Warren Riverview Park

As recommended in the West End Development Plan, a sidewalk – similar to this one at MacArthur and K-15 – will be built along Market from Baltimore to Warren Riverview Park, which is now under construction. The path will cross two tracks of the BNSF railroad and the city is paying the company $20,218 for two rail crossings.

A new sidewalk is coming to the west side.

The sidewalk will be built on the south side of Market Street from K-15 Highway and go to Warren Riverview Park, which is now under construction.

The project will provide a valuable pedestrian link between the K-15 commercial corridor and the new park, said City Engineer Dan Squires, who added that it should be completed before the park opens next summer.

The project will also eliminate a gap in the existing sidewalk system east of K-15, between the highway and Georgie Avenue, he said.

Recently, employees at the West End Business Park commented to the city about the lack of sidewalks in their area.

While this won’t put pathways in the business park, it will, in conjunction with the park, reach past River Street, allowing walkers in the development to reach a sidewalk.

The project also fills a “sidewalk gap,” on the north side of Market, east of Baltimore.

The proposed sidewalk will cross the BNSF railroad west of K-15, which has two sets of tracks.

When improvements are constructed on a railroad right-of-way, the railroad requires that the owner of the improvements enter into an agreement with it.

Thus, the city will pay BNSF $20,218 for installation of the two concrete rail crossings. Some of the expense is due to a special material that must be used with the tracks, Squires said.

There will be no separate crossing guards at the tracks, which will be at grade, so pedestrians will have to use caution and pay attention to warning signals and horns from approaching trains.

City staff plans to include these requirements as part of the bid process to ensure that the selected contractor is prepared and qualified to work with the railroad.

Under terms of the document, the railroad will be responsible for maintenance for the sidewalk crossing its tracks.

A similar crossing was built to cross the same tracks at MacArthur Road, north of Derby.

The sidewalk along Market is a recommendation of the West End Development Plan and meets the need for improved pedestrian connections in the West End.

Funds for the city’s part of the project are in Derby’s Capital Improvement Program, but the final cost will not be known until the project is put out for bid, Squires said.