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Marissa McCrary, author of “50 Brain Snacks for Women,” will be available to talk about her book and inspiration at the Derby Public Library from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, Jan. 18.

McCrary’s book, her second, is a compendium of personal inspirational reflections which she wrote after coming through difficult times in her life.

“I was passing through a very dark time, I was anxious and depressed,” she said. “I was in a very bad relationship, and I felt like my mind was in bondage. I wanted to eliminate the aftertaste of a bad relationship,” she explained.

“I think that women can retrain their minds, because I have done it. I have gone from an anxious life to a more calm and peaceful life,” she said. “It’s about feeding your mind positive words day after day, training yourself to think good things about yourself when you doubt yourself or have some regrets.”

Each of the 50 short affirmative messages with titles including Shout For Joy, Be Exposed, and Don’t Put Yourself On Trial, is followed by a Brain Snack – an action in the form of a promise to oneself.

McCrary’s first book, “Rise Again Woman of Faith,” is scripture-based affirmations she authored five years ago and often gives to people she thinks may benefit from its messages.

“50 Brain Snacks for Women” was written for a broader audience and, though not overtly scriptural, McCrary notes that it does use biblical processes.

She points to one of her favorite messages in the book – Be Pleased With Yourself – as an example. That passage references how the potter uses her hands, saying in part: “Today, with my mind in my hands, I am speaking to myself with a gentle wisdom … I am molding my mind to my taste and I am pleased.”

McCrary said her biblical inspiration for this passage was Jeremiah 18:6 “House of Israel, can’t I deal with you like this potter, declares the Lord? Like clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in mine.”

“This book is about finding yourself and demanding happiness,” McCrary said. “Even after leaving [a bad relationship] one can still get stuck in that same cycle and bring it into the next relationship. It’s such an ugly place to be – not to love yourself forward. I was there for two years of my life and I’m glad I had the courage to get out,” she said, adding that today “I have a great husband and son.”

McCrary likes Derby because it’s similar to the smaller town in Oklahoma where she grew up. She was an elementary school teacher for 12 years until deciding to stay home with her 11-month-old, Levi, who was on the cover of the December issue of Splurge! Magazine.