Derby Service Award

Frank Knipfer was one of two city employees recently recognized for 30 years of service to the Derby community.

One of two city employees recently recognized by the Derby City Council for 30 years of service, Frank Knipfer’s commitment to the community runs even deeper than that – working toward the betterment of the community for 50-plus years in total.

While Knipfer was recognized for his work as a court services officer in Derby at the Oct. 13 city council meeting, his history with the Derby Police Department was also brought up – having worked with the Derby PD for 24 years.

After retiring from the police department, Knipfer didn’t work for a two-year period, but he came to find out Stephanie Schneider – who he had known for years – was leaving her role with the Derby Municipal Court. Schneider encouraged Knipfer to apply, which he did, having now worked as court services officer for three decades.

“The reason it’s court services is because we do probation and diversion, plus I do all the paperwork for that and motions to revoke – if they mess up on diversion or probation where they have to go back to a hearing in front of a judge,” Knipfer said. “We do probation and diversion cases and monitor those. When they apply for diversion, they fill out an application with me and I do a background check. When they get on diversion, we have paperwork they sign and then we monitor them to make sure they complete their terms. Basically, it’s kind of the same way for probation.”

Knipfer was also drawn to work with the municipal court given his familiarity with Court Administrator Doug Chambers, as Knipfer and Chambers had worked together with the Derby PD.

Having lived in Derby since he was 5, continuing to serve Derby also seemed natural to Knipfer and working in the courts allowed him to continue in the career field in which he pursued his degree.

“I believe I’ve had a successful career, which I think is a big accomplishment,” Knipfer said. “I realize I didn’t make a mistake. I went to school, wanted to do it, got into it and loved it.”

Serving with the Derby PD, Knipfer worked his way up the ranks for 24 years. One of his key roles during that time period was working in investigations – where he would talk to people and interview people all day. In that regard, he noted it is not that big of a difference from his role as court services officer – making it a natural transition.

Being recognized for 30 years of service to the city is a good feeling, Knipfer said, though he noted he continues to just go about his business serving the Derby community.

“I come in with a good attitude and am expected to do a good job. That’s what I try to do my best at,” Knipfer said. “I deal with a lot of citizens who have problems and get into hard times, so I try to help them out the best I can, too.”