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These graphics by Gardner Design show the school district’s plans for improving consistency in logos across each individual school. The Derby Board of Education saw examples from Stone Creek and Wineteer elementary schools at its Oct. 28 meeting.

Branding is all about consistency, said Bill Gardner, owner and creative director of Gardner Design.

“Once they see that there is some level of quality and commonality [in branding],” he said, “it is something that carries across to people that you’re consistent in other things you do.”

And that’s part of the reason the district unveiled plans at the Oct. 28 school board meeting to establish a sense of uniformity across logos at each school in USD 260. The board looked at examples from Stone Creek and Wineteer elementary schools.

“This actually stems back to strategy No. 1 with communications,” said Superintendent Heather Bohaty. “With branding, it’s really looking at what elements tie us all together.”

Gardner said when looking at the Derby school system, it’s obvious that different logos have been brought together over different periods of time. To help build cohesion among them, he said his design firm looked at some of the elements of the school district’s logo.

While the central image of each logo is planned to stay the same — at least for now — each logo will incorporate a gray “swoosh” in the background, identical to the one surrounding the Derby Public Schools’ logo. To further the consistency across the logos, they will each use the same typeface for the school name. Each school will continue to use its unique typeface for the mascot’s name.

“When people see one of their students and they’re wearing this, they obviously have the unique aspect of their mascot from their school, but at the same time you recognize that it’s part of this quality system that Derby created for them,” Gardner said.

Gardner Design was also hired to design the new logo for Wineteer Elementary, as well as Stone Creek Elementary’s first logo.

The logo item was brought for the board as a discussion item and will be voted on at the next meeting, Monday, Nov. 11.