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Derby soon-to-be senior Sophia DiGregorio was chosen to compete in a worldwide teen competition for CrossFit. The games will take place in Michigan in September.

While COVID-19 has put a damper on athletics across the globe, one Derby High School student was dealt good news earlier this month.

Soon-to-be senior Sophia DiGregorio was chosen to participate in Teen Games 2020 at Pit Fitness Ranch/Triple River CrossFit in Three Rivers, Mich. The event is an alternative for younger athletes after the CrossFit Games were canceled for age groups in April.

DiGregorio currently ranks 29th in the girls’ 16-17 division worldwide. The competition takes the top 10 of each gender in each age group, but due to travel restrictions, she was asked to compete in Michigan later this year.

This comes just two years after DiGregorio joined CrossFit Eclectic in Derby.

“Every kid’s dream is being the next big thing,” she said. “… I knew at some point that I’d try my best and see what happens. I didn’t think that it would happen this quickly.”

The rankings above are tabulated after she does a series of five workouts that include techniques such as box jumps, handstand walks and pushups, deadlifts and single-leg squats.

The Derby student said that her brother first got involved in CrossFit while he was in high school, but because of an almost 10-year age gap, there was limited involvement for DiGregorio when she was younger.

She said her mother was taking DRC classes led by co-owner of CrossFit Eclectic, Melanie Emond. There were “trial” classes given since the business was new at the time and that is when DiGregorio got hooked.

“From the beginning, I knew my purpose of being a CrossFit athlete was being on the more competitive side,” she said. “The mecca of CrossFit and being a competitive athlete in this field is going to the CrossFit Games. That was my goal from early on.”

DiGregorio fell into a smaller category of athlete after moving inside the top 200 worldwide in the CrossFit Open Leaderboard.

“They use the ranking you got in the age group online qualifier [from the top 200] to determine whether or not you get to do this competition in September,” she added.

The Michigan location that will be used for the competition in September is a nearly 10,000-square-foot indoor facility that will welcome the top athletes in each age


“Pit Fitness Master Ranch was created to give teenage athletes a game-like experience so we wouldn’t miss out on this season,” she said. “They extended out of the top 10, which gave me an opportunity to do it.”