Stone Creek new playground_120-124285-2C_color.jpg

This conceptual design shows the likely look of the playground at Stone Creek Elementary School. The playground’s price tag is nearly $500,000.

The Derby Board of Education looks ready to accept a design for the playground at the upcoming Stone Creek Elementary School.

At their Nov. 12 meeting, board members discussed a conceptual design by ABCreative — a construction company contracted by Derby Public Schools to design and install playgrounds in the district.

Once completed, the playground will include a 92-foot-diameter circle play area, a jet play unit, a two-story tower play unit, a basketball goal, a variety of “spinners,” and more. The circular area will use turf, while the rest of the playground will use sand.

ABCreative collaborated with Principal Sandy Rusher on the playground’s design, which includes equipment and areas designed to be accessible for people with disabilities.

One unique piece of play equipment that Rusher wanted at the playground is a “Gaga Ball” pit — which allows kids a proper space to play the popular game.

“A Gaga Ball pit is a 12-sided shape, and the whole game is a ball kicked around in there,” Rusher said. “If it hits your feet, then you’re out.”

“It is a hot-item game.”

The tower unit on the playground was brought down from three to two stories, which allowed the district enough savings to include musical instruments like congas in the design. Similar equipment is present at some other elementary schools in the district.

“I really appreciated the musical instruments coming in there,” said Operations Director Burke Jones. “It is amazing to hear that music, as well as all the kids running around screaming and yelling.”

Some board members had questions or comments, but most seemed in favor of the design.

“It sounds good … The only thing missing, it looks like, might be a Starbucks,” Board Vice President Justin Kippenberger said with a laugh.

Costs are estimated at $492,031.82 for the bond-funded project, which was allocated $500,000 in the bond budget. Remaining funds will be used to buy sand for the playground.

The board will vote on the design at its Nov. 25 meeting.

The playground is part of the bond project to develop a new elementary school, which was a focal point of a $114 million bond issue approved by voters last year.

The school is expected to be open for the 2020-2021 school year.