Uncorked Centerpiece_color.jpg

Shown in this photo is one of the 42 table centerpieces created for the Derby Community Foundation’s annual fundraiser Uncorked, scheduled for February 29.

If you have ever been to Uncorked, the Derby Community Foundation’s annual fundraising event, you very quickly see visual representations that help define the theme selected each year. But what you may not know is the work that goes into determining a theme and defining that decor and creating the theme’s visual representation.

Uncorked committee members, made up of DCF supporters, meet each year to decide the theme for the upcoming event. Community Foundation Executive Director Theresa Hearn says the theme for this year’s February 29 event was the marrying of two ideas.

“2020 is a leap year and Uncorked will be held on leap day this year,” she said.

The other idea was to incorporate a wonderland motif, following the age-old Alice in Wonderland story. With the merging of those two elements, the theme Leap Into Wonderland was born.

With a theme in place, it was time to focus on those visual representations or decor.

Hearn said that when you look for ideas on leap year everything that shows up has frogs in it. And that wasn’t something they thought was appropriate for this event. On the other hand, when you look at Alice in Wonderland a variety of options like the white rabbit, the Mad Hatter, Alice and things like tea cups and teapots come to mind.

So Hearn quickly made social media posts asking if people had old tea cups and tea pots that they would be willing to donate. Those would help create some pretty elaborate table centerpieces.

“There was a landslide response. In fact, we got more than we needed,” Hearn said.

She talked about a lady from Pratt with a daughter and granddaughter that live in Derby, who in two separate instances brought in multiple cups and pots. With all the donations there were enough to make 42 centerpieces for the event.

But from all the good came a problem. They had more than they needed, leaving teacups and pots left over. Hearn quickly remembered that the 2019 Holly Ball theme this past December was an Alice in Wonderland theme. So she contacted the sponsor and found a home for the remaining items.

The theme also guides many of the activities that take place at Uncorked that not only bring people to the event but also help them get involved and have fun. At this year’s event you’ll see other visual representations of the theme and some surprises as well – one of which will be a real live Alice in Wonderland to go with those beautiful centerpieces.