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The Board of Education approved the purchase of a new lighting system for Panther Stadium.

Last week’s Board of Education meeting included approval of the purchase of a new lighting system for Derby High School’s football stadium.

The stadium lighting package totaled out to $170,000, and would include “significant lighting improvements” over what Panther Stadium currently offers, Director of Operations Burke Jones said during the meeting.

Musco Sports Lighting was chosen for the project, and worked with Principal Tim Hamblin and others to come up with a design.

Musco has a contract purchasing agreement with Sourcewell, an organization that helps not-for-profit entities secure equipment

and technology, which allows

the district to directly purchase

the lighting package.

The lighting package was supposed to be up for discussion at the May 11 board meeting, but Jones asked the board to make it an action item “so we can get this installed this summer and ready for football season.”

The lighting package comes with a guaranteed lighting performance of 40 foot-candles – a measurement of light intensity – and includes BallTracker technology, which is targeted light that “optimizes visibility of the ball in play with no glare in the players typical line-of-sight.”

In an emailed statement, Jones said “the improvement should be dramatic.”

“Right now we have an estimated 25-30 foot-candles of light at mid-field, which is below industry standard,” Jones said. “The new lights will provide 40 foot-candles, which is what all high school stadiums in our area use as a standard. Additionally, the lights will be LED.”

Board member Matt Hoag asked Jones if the installation of the lighting system would interfere with any other elements of Panther Stadium.

“Logistically, is there anything we’re going to have to undo or redo?” Hoag asked.

Jones said nothing will be affected by the installation.

The board passed the purchase 7-0.

The lighting system will be installed over the summer, if everything goes as planned.

Electrical power is not included in the Musco package. Jones said he will soon be working on gathering proposals from area electrical companies, and bids will be presented at a later board meeting.