Custom sewing business opening at Madison Place

Alicia Ybarra looks at a bridal gown she has designed and is making. Success in her home-based business has led her to decide to open a store in Derby.

A custom sewing business will open in January at 1710 E. Madison, Suite 700 in the Madison Place retail center.

Alicia Ybarra will hold a grand opening for Vanya Design and Custom Sewing on Jan. 8, but expects to open earlier that week. Vanya Design will be in the space formerly occupied by Simplistic Bride.

Ybarra has been operating Vanya Design as a home-based business for nearly five years and it has grown to the point it needs larger space, she said. She specializes in bridal, formal and cheer wear, but also provides alterations and other custom sewing. She has done alterations for many of Simplistic Bride’s customers for about two years, she said.

Her love of sewing began as a 4-Her and followed her through a master’s degree in apparel and textiles from Kansas State University. Her bachelor’s degree from K-State includes a minor in business.

"It’s been my ‘thing’ so it’s kind of natural for me to get into that," she said.

However, after taking her degree into the corporate world, she found herself dissatisfied with her job. Add in the birth of two sons and she set goals to build her business to the same salary she made in a corporate job – less the expensive cost of child care – and she set out on her own.

Her youngest has reached school age and she has met those salary goals, she said.

Ybarra said her business is not competition for the neighboring bridal shop already in Madison Place, but is a complement. She can provide the custom alterations many times needed for bridal gowns or take a basic dress and add features local brides are seeking, she said. In addition, for those who want designer gowns, she can sketch and design the dress the bride is dreaming about.

For additional information on the business, it has a website,, or can be found on Facebook.


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