Welcome to Derby (K-15) (copy)

A number of additional measures were taken by the city of Derby this week to increase its efforts to fend off the spread of coronavirus.

With the already announced temporary closures of city hall and the senior center, the Welcome Center was added to that list, with all three shuttered as of March 18.

Meeting structure is also being amended to further the city’s commitment to social distancing – with the planning commissioners and city council members being allowed to participate remotely in the immediate future. 

Commission and council meetings will feature a teleconferencing option moving forward, while some commissioners and staff will remain on site in the council chambers (to allow for live streaming, etc.).

Derby City Manager Kathy Sexton noted the agenda is being streamlined as well as an added precaution – with some items being moved to the consent agenda and the public forum being eliminated for a time, though citizens can still email or call city hall with their questions and concerns.

Additionally, to limit traffic flow to the city building, new measures are being implemented in regards to permits and utility payments.

For permits, licenses and inspections, applications will be available inside the front doors of city hall or at DerbyKS.com. Forms can then be emailed to permits@derbyweb.com or left in the drop box in front of city hall labeled “water payments only.” Payment by credit card can be handled over the phone (316-788-1519), while check payments will also be accepted at the water bill drop box.

Large plans can be left in the designated box inside the front doors of city hall, along with the corresponding application and payment.

The city has also implemented new procedures for inspection of water heaters and heating/air conditioning systems in currently occupied residences. Contractors installing water heaters and HVAC equipment will be given instructions on how to submit a video of their installation so a city inspector does not need to enter the home. Inspections of new construction (unoccupied) will continue as normal.

As for utility (water) payments, payment can be handled similarly to permits by either calling 316-788-1424, visiting DerbyKS.com/water or dropping checks/money order in the drop box outside city hall. New forms are available at the same website or inside the front doors of city hall. Those forms can be returned to utilitybilling@derbyweb.com or the drop box.

Communications Director Kristy Bansemer also noted the city is adhering to Gov. Kelly’s executive order signed March 17, which temporarily prohibits the disconnection of utility services (like water) in an effort to mitigate the economic effects of the spread of COVID-19.

Other measures the city has taken include moving congregate meals to delivery only as of March 21, closing public restrooms at city parks and barring anyone who has been instructed to self-quarantine from the city building or from riding the Derby Dash during their quarantine period.

“Protecting public health is clearly our priority,” said Mayor Randy White. “Everyone in the community is dealing with a lot right now. We all have concerns, and I am confident we will get through this. It is also a good time to check on neighbors and family.”