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Derby native Jacob Wayman with his wife, Regan, at Orangetheory Fitness, a business they fell in love in, and with. They became the new owners on January 1.

There’s a saying in the fitness world that “couples who sweat together stay together.” Derby native Jacob Wayman and his wife, Regan Wayman, are taking this theory to the next level.

The Waymans purchased the Orangetheory Fitness studios in east and west Wichita early this year. It’s a place they know well. It’s where Jacob first met Regan – by taking one of the fitness classes she was teaching.

“I actually got kicked out of the class,” Jacob said. “I broke the rules. I was on the wait list, but I didn’t wait for my turn.”

Regan said Jacob wasn’t deterred. He returned to the class, this time the right way.

“He was a good sport,” she said. “It just became a running joke and a good friendship.”

A few months later, that friendship evolved as Jacob and Regan started dating. A few months later, Jacob asked her to marry him – after a class at Orangetheory.

They got married in August and soon found an opportunity to purchase the Orangetheory Fitness studios in Wichita.

“Just being able to feel it and see it, I loved the business model,” Jacob said. “So I just cold called the owner.”

Orangetheory Fitness is based in Boca Raton, Fla., with about 1,200 locations across the country. Many of its fitness programs are tech-based, helping members track health data and optimize their training.

With Regan’s experience in exercise fitness and as a collegiate athlete and high school coach and Jacob’s experience in entrepreneurship, marketing and community-building, Orangetheory seems like the perfect fit, Jacob said.

When Jacob moved back to Wichita from Kansas City in 2015, he spent years supporting the growing entrepreneurship community. He was involved in founding Wichita’s 1 Million Cups, the e2e Accelerator, Launch Prep, Shift ICT, Connecting ICT and Startup Grind.

“[At Orangetheory], I’m able to apply everything I’ve learned over the past four years on a daily basis,” Jacob said. “I’ve worked with … lots of different companies through the process, so I’ve learned a lot from that.”

Jacob also learned a lot from his family. His dad was in the service station industry when he was growing up and owned a car wash. His grandfather worked in real estate.

“At the age of 10, [my brothers and I] were lawn mowers, mowing my grandpa’s properties,” Jacob said. “At the age of 12, I was at the car wash cleaning on a daily basis.”

Combining entrepreneurship with health was an easy move for Jacob and Regan, as well. Jacob was an athlete through high school and became an avid runner.

“So health and fitness have been a part of both of our lives since a very young age,” Regan said. “Orangetheory is such a community-based studio. It’s so much fun watching people gain support groups and friendships and just a place they look forward to in their day.”

For Jacob and Regan, Orangetheory provided much more.

“It’s just become even more of a family to me,” Regan said. “It’s not just a place where I work. Now, it’s a part of our personal family, along with the outreach of the community.”

Now, they’re hoping to spread the love. Jacob said they’re working on growing the membership base here in Wichita, but are already eyeing expansion to either downtown Wichita or possibly even Derby.