Schlotzsky’s, at 2550 N. Rock Rd., is one of four sandwich shops set to open in the coming months in Derby. This location, a brand new building, will open its doors to customers on Aug. 12.

Subway will soon have some competition in Derby.

In the coming months, Derby’s sandwich shop scene will greatly expand with at least three new options: Schlotzsky’s, McAlister’s and Jersey Mike’s Subs. A local diner called Clark’s Deli could potentially be on the horizon, too, but it may not end up being a sandwich shop after all.

• Clark’s Deli – 619 N. Rock Rd.
Opening date TBD

• Jersey Mike’s Subs – 1918 N. Rock Rd., Suite No. 800
Opening date TBD

• McAlister’s – 2425 N. Rock Rd.
October; exact date TBD

• Schlotzsky’s – 2550 N. Rock Rd.
Doors open Aug. 12; grand opening Aug. 26

Schlotzsky’s will be the first to officially set up shop, opening its doors on Aug. 12. A grand opening ceremony will be held Aug. 26.

The brand new building is at 2550 N. Rock Rd., between Dunkin’ and Fidelity Bank. It is pending a final inspection before being issued a Certification of Occupancy to open.

After Schlotzsky’s will come McAlister’s. The new, freestanding building will be at 2425 N. Rock Rd., less than a half-mile from Schlotzsky’s.

Guests will be able to order ahead from McAlister’s using their app and then pick up their order from a pick-up window.

The new location will also offer fundraiser nights to local sports teams, schools and nonprofit organizations. During fundraiser nights, 20% of sales an organization brings in will be donated back to them.

McAlister’s is set to open sometime in October. An exact date will be announced as the time approaches.

Jersey Mike’s Subs has not yet announced an opening date for its location in Derby, which is set to go in the same strip as Buffalo Wild Wings and Crumbl Cookies at 1918 N. Rock Rd.

The city said the contractor for Jersey Mike’s just picked up its tenant finish permit July 16, and their opening date will depend on the final inspection report.

Chris Strong, local owner for the location, anticipates current work by the landlord should wrap up in a month. If so, the location should be ready to open about a month later.

Currently, the only Jersey Mike’s in the area is at 2564 N. Greenwich Rd., Suite No. 550 in Wichita.

Finally, Clark’s Deli is a local option announced at the former Taco Bell site on Rock and Madison.

The shop was originally set to open in April of this year, but owner Corey Clark said he unfortunately has faced a number of setbacks – including his business partner having to back out.

“We’re not sure if we’re going to be able to open, and if we do open, it’s probably going to be something completely different,” he said.

He said he will most likely be looking for a new business partner who would be interested in starting the restaurant.