Mulvane’s sports complex has been shut down since the state’s coronavirus plan began. At last week’s city council meeting, a Mulvane resident asked the city council to allow youth sports teams to practice at the facility or to refund some of the usage fees.

During Monday’s Mulvane City Council meeting, a resident asked the city council to allow youth baseball teams to practice before Phase Two of the state’s COVID-19 plan, or to partially refund coaches’ sports complex usage fees.

“Even with proper social distancing, field usage has not been allowed,” the resident, Tyson Osborn, said. “There’s no clear plan for the use of the field that has been given to us.”

Osborn went on to say that social distancing could be “easily achieved” at the sports complex.

“Each coach would have two kids per their group, so we could spread them out amongst the field,” Osborn said.

Osborn said “kids are suffering more than I believe some adults are.”

“I have a boy at home and he asks me every day ‘Are we practicing today?’” [I have to tell him] ‘No son, we’re not going to practice today,’” Osborn said.

Osborn said he and other coaches each paid a rental fee to use the complex. He said he and other coaches are hopeful that “we’re going to be allowed to get back in the complex” or that they’ll get a refund.

“I feel like it would be fair to get some back from that, whether that’s 25 percent,” Osborn said. “That’s coming out of our parents’ pockets.”

The council responded by saying that they can’t allow the sports complex to be used because the state’s COVID-19 order says “sporting facilities are specifically not allowed” from being open until restrictions are lifted. The state’s order specifically states that practices are not allowed until phase two of the state’s reopening plan.

“I don’t think you’re going to have a problem getting a refund,” council member Nancy Farbo Mottola said. “You haven't used the property. I see the frustration, and agree with the importance it has for the community.”

Phase two of the state’s reopening plan began Friday.