Mulvane police settling into new facility

The Mulvane Police Department's new station is located at 410 E. Main. The building was previously leased to Cowley County. 

The Mulvane Police Department posted notices Tuesday warning residents of a string of car burglaries in a housing development and nearby streets. 

Public Safety Director Gordon Fell said there have been numerous vehicle burglaries and two auto thefts over the course of two weeks in the Merlins Glen housing edition and the surrounding area — which includes Countrywalk Lane and Hickory Street. 

“About anywhere during the summertime, things like this pick up,” Fell said. “More people are out moving.” 

Police say the burglaries have occurred roughly between 2 and 4 a.m.

So far, thieves have primarily targeted vehicles that were left unlocked, Fell said. Some houses have been targeted multiple times. Police are not certain at this point if the thefts have all been performed by the same people.

In the Tuesday notice, police reminded residents to hide their valuables and secure their vehicles and garages.

“We’re hoping to nab a few folks, but in the meantime, we want to take away the opportunity,” Fell said. “We’re just trying to curve it by letting the people know because a lot of them may not know something was going on in their area.” 

Fell said security systems and recording devices are effective, and the department is hoping to use surveillance footage from homes in the affected area as part of their investigation. 

Residents are asked not to approach any suspicious characters, as police warn the thieves could be armed. 

Instead, residents who see something suspicious overnight are encouraged to contact the Mulvane Police Department at (316) 777-1111. 

The department’s non-emergency line is (316) 777-4262.