KPTS to air new documentary about Joyland

This image shows the opening slide of KPTS's new documentary, "Joyland: Reliving the Memories." The film has aired once and will air again on channel 8. 

Kansas Public Telecommunication Services (KPTS) – Channel 8 has created a documentary called “Joyland: Reliving the Memories” about the once beloved amusement park in Wichita.

Once the largest amusement park in central Kansas, Joyland Amusement Park ended its more than five-decade run in 2004. The 57-acre property that once held the park was purchased in a 2018 auction for just under $200,000.

A KPTS release says its new documentary, directed by Bryan Ramsdale, tells the “epic story of the rise and fall of Wichita’s most famous amusement park, Joyland.”

“You’re sure to experience a roller coaster of emotions as you watch this dramatic, fun, and heartfelt ode to one of the most fondly remembered places in Wichita history,” KPTS Marketing Director Jennifer Keller said in the release.

Viewers will be able to see historic, never-before-broadcasted clips of the park during its prime, as well as learn its origin story.

The documentary first aired June 10 and will run again at 8:30 p.m. Monday, June 17 on KPTS.

During showings, viewers who pledge donations to KPTS will have a chance to receive tickets to Botanica’s restored Joyland carousel, along with a DVD of the documentary, t-shirts, and lithographs.

To pledge a donation during the show, call 1-877-491-5787. The station can be contacted at any time at 316-838-3090.