City of Haysville

Governor Laura Kelly announced Feb. 11 that the city of Haysville will receive $342,000 in federal grant funds to assist with community development projects.

Through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program facilitated by the Kansas Department of Commerce Community Development Division, these federal grants are being awarded to assist Haysville with a street project.

“The Community Development Block Grant program is a powerful tool for improving communities, revitalizing essential infrastructure and maximizing economic opportunity and I am glad to see Haysville being recognized,” Governor Kelly said. “Over the past several months, the pandemic has heightened the challenges our rural communities face when it comes to community development – making assistance like this more important than ever.”

Georgie Carter, deputy administrative officer for the City of Haysville, said the city plans to use the funds to pave one of the last remaining portions of gravel road in Haysville, which is in the Sunset Fields addition.

“We were very excited to find out that we’re going to receive the funding,” she said. “This is an area of town that we’ve been working with for a while and trying to figure out how we can get those roads completed for them.”

Carter said the area has a lot of drainage issues due to the gravel roads.

“This is really going to fix that and it will make it better for the citizens over there,” she said.

The grant funding is designed to assist communities with projects centered on community facilities projects, with other awards being distributed to assist housing rehabilitation and water and wastewater projects throughout Kansas. In all, awarded communities will share a total of $13,864,149 in federal grants.

“Providing assistance to address quality-of-life issues is a necessary and noble part of economic development,” Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland said. “By funding community projects like these, the CDBG program is helping to improve the overall business and residential appeal of these small towns. These investments will improve living conditions for Kansas residents, create new economic opportunities for rural communities and bolster the overall prosperity of our entire state.”

The CDBG program provides federal funds to local governments for the development of viable communities by addressing their housing, public facilities and economic development needs. To be awarded funds, local government units must meet at least one of three program objectives:

• The grant will benefit low- and moderate-income persons

• The grant will prevent or eliminate slums and blight

• The grant will resolve an urgent need where local resources are not available to do so

The CDBG funds are one of Commerce’s primary tools in supporting the state’s small, predominantly rural communities.