Brian Bergkamp

Brian Bergkamp is the sole candidate for Kansas House District 93. He’s been interested in running for office for a number of years, and finally decided to give it a shot.

Brian Bergkamp, the sole candidate for Kansas House District 93, is running on a platform of conservative values — small government, devotion to the Constitution, and an emphasis on the freedoms of individual Americans. He recently talked to the Informer about who he is and why he’s running for office. 

Bergkamp is a project manager at Koch Industries. He started working at Koch after graduating from Friends University in 2008 with an accounting degree. 

He’s wanted to run for office for several years, he said.

“I had family and friends encourage me for a number of years,” Bergkamp said. “The cycle kind of lined up. And with the current political environment, I felt my personality and ability to work with a wide variety of people made me feel like I could be successful in doing this.” 

Bergkamp calls himself even-keeled and a good listener. 

“Whether I agree with you or not, I’m able to listen to you and see why you’re coming from your position,” Bergkamp said. 

Bergkamp said there’s not enough reasonable discourse in politics these days. 

“It seems like there’s a lot of very loud talking, almost yelling, today.” 

Bergkamp’s platform calls for reducing the government’s involvement in the lives of Kansans.

He wants to “get the government out of the way” when it comes to the economy — “each new law and regulation only further hampers innovation and entrepreneurship,” his campaign website says.

Healthcare is another area where he wants less government involvement. Bergkamp says there should be “sensible laws that allow the free market to effectively and efficiently work.”

“Each time the government gets involved, the more complicated and expensive the process becomes.” 

Bergkamp is a strong believer in the Constitution. He says that Americans “must do everything we can to defend those rights,” which are “essential to the American way of life.”

Another topic his campaign website addresses is education. He writes that it’s important to invest in the youth, who “are our future.” His goal is to increase the reading level of third grade students by focusing on children “during their early critical years.” He also wants to “spend wisely” to ensure more tax dollars are reaching the classroom instead of being used for administrative costs. 

Begkamp said that during the course of his campaign, the Kansans he’s talked to have shown they want a stable environment where the government’s not as “heavy handed in their approach to their day to day lives.”

“They want a place where they can live in peace and raise a family,” Bergkamp said.

“The biggest feedback I’ve received is that they want somebody who’s going to make sure we … kind of maintain law and order,” Bergkamp said. “They don’t want the instability they’ve maybe seen in other parts of the country to come here. Not to say we don’t need to address those issues, but I think it’s how people go about this is what they’re concerned about.”

Bergkamp is running for Kansas House District 93 unopposed. He says that as a first-time politician, the outsider perspective he brings will be invaluable to moving Kansas forward.

“I’m kind of new [at politics], so hopefully people know I’m going to work hard and try to make the best decisions for both my district and the state,” Bergkamp said. “I know it’s not going to be easy, but hopefully they appreciate the thought I put into making decisions. I’m going to try to do my best.”