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Sig's Gourmet Butcher Shop offers premium choice meats. in the Derby, KS community.

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About Sig's Gourmet Butcher Shop

Family owned and operated for over four generations, we proudly provide farm fresh quality pork and poultry, premium choice Angus beef, and more.

At Sig’s, our choice Angus beef is aged to perfection. That means we allow our beef to age longer, which provides a richer more satisfying taste and tenderness.

Families find Sig's the place of choice when it comes to shopping for quality meats. The meat from Sig’s is leaner, has less waste and healthier for your family. Your dollar goes further at Sig’s because you’re paying only for quality cut meat, not the undesirables.

You can also get helpful advice on everything from preparation, special rubs and sauces, to the correct way to achieve a rich and smoky flavor.

Sig always said, “Give them something they can’t get anywhere else.”

We will continue to follow through with that ideal for Sig and for you, our valued customer.

Whatever your needs, we can meet them with guaranteed quality meats and excellent customer service.

Sig's is now serving lunch - come try one of our great made-to-order sandwiches!

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All meat orders are packaged to your specifications - frozen, and ready to pick up! Orders are filled in 1-2 days. All prices are subject to market change. Bundle prices are set; changes or substitutions will change the amount of product.

Bundle #1  $126.10 Bundle #7  $209.50
5 lb. choice chuck roast 5 lb. T-bone steak
5 lb. ground chuck 6 lb. ground chuck patties
5 lb. whole fryers 4-6 oz. filet mignon steak
4 lb. sirloin steak 5 lb. Kansas City strip steak
3 lb. stew meat  
3 lb. cube minute steak Bundle #8  $177.00
  5 lb. sirloin steak
Bundle #2  $106.70 6 lb. ground chuck patties
2 lb. cube steak 6-6 oz. filet mignon steak
3 lb. stew meat 3 lb. rib-eye steak
5 lb. choice chuck roast  
5 lb. ground chuck Bundle #9  $290.00
5 lb. pork steak 5 lb. sirloin steak
  3 lb. Kansas City strip steak
Bundle #3  $118.12 5 lb. round steak
2 lb. cube steak 2 lb. cube steak
5 lb. chuck roast 4 lb. rump roast
5 lb. pork chops 3 lb. stew meat
6 lb. ground chuck 6 lb. ground chuck patties
2 lb. stew meat 3 lb. chuck roast
5 lb. pork sausage 10 lb. ground chuck
  4 lb. pork chops
Bundle #4  $84.10 3 lb. pork ribs
3 lb. chuck roast 4 lb. pork roast
3 lb. round steak  
6 lb. whole fryer Bundle #10  $252.45
6 lb. ground chuck 5 lb. Kansas City strip steak
  10-8 oz. filet mignon
Bundle #5  $107.15 5 lb. sirloin steak
5 lb. pork steak 6 lb. ground chuck patties
4 lb. pork sausage 5 lb. whole fryer
6 lb. pork country-style ribs  
6 lb. pork chops Side of Pork   $299.00 (plus $35 curing charge for bacon & ham)
4 lb. pork loin roast 18 lb. pork loin chops
  5 lb. Boston butt roast
Bundle #6  $343.48 10 lb. sliced bacon
20 lb. ground chuck 16 lb. whole ham
5 lb. round steak 4 lb. spare ribs
5 lb. sirloin steak 15 lb. pork sausage
5 lb. T-bone steak  
6-6oz. filet mignon steak Side of Beef
5 lb. rib-eye steak Full Side $3.59/lb., 400-475 lbs.
  Half of Half: $3.79/lb., 200-250 lbs.

*All beef prices are hanging weight and subject to 30% trim loss. *Prices are subject to change based on market conditions.

Sig’s Gourmet Meats

“Let us MEAT your expectations.”

300 S. Baltimore * Derby, KS 67037 * 316.788.9494 * Open Monday-Friday 9 am to 6 pm, Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

Grilling Season

Sigs has everything your family wants for mouth-watering Holiday dinners.

But order early to guarantee you get what you want.

Hams – There is nothing better than a bone in or boneless, spiral cut, honey glazed ham. Select a whole cooked or our half cooked ham. All you have to do is warm it – and you’re ready to eat. Call today and place your order.

Turkeys –At Sig’s we only sell farm fresh turkeys that will give your family a true quality taste. Sig’s can do the cooking too! You can order your turkey ready to cook yourself or we can cook it with our secret blend of spices and flavors that will make you look like the expert – all you do is warm up the oven!! Ask about our smoked turkeys that are ready to eat. Order your turkey in advance to make sure you have it when you want it.

USDA Choice Beef – Lean, tender and juicy – that’s what you’ll get with a prime rib from Sig’s. Be sure to have Justin tell you his secrets on an easy to cook, mouth-watering prime rib for your family. It will be a Holiday to remember. Don’t rule out the possibility of a succulent beef tenderloin either. It’s easy to cook too, and Justin can tell you just how to do it! 

You can choose from their wide variety of sauces, rubs marinades and more to make your cooking easy and delicious.  Sigs has all the sides for your dinner too, including salads, twice baked potatoes, breads and more.  Call Sigs today and start planning your Holiday dinners now!           

788-9494, Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Sat. 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.