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Last Updated: July 13, 2020


Notes: Open second, fourth and fifth Saturdays of the month only. Closed the first and third Saturdays of the month.


Derby's complete small animal care clinic offering state of the art technology for your pet.

About Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic

Since 1989 Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic has been providing Derby and the region with experienced, knowledgeable pet health services. On your first visit, you'll find an immaculate facility with state of the art technology that leads the way in Derby. And what makes Rainbow Valley really special, is the time they will spend to make sure you understand the health plan that is best for your pet. At Rainbow Valley, your time is always their time.

Doctor David Drake has over 30 years of clinical experience dealing with small animal care. That means your pet will be cared for by an experienced and knowledgeable veterinarian. Along with Dr. Drake, Dr. Kelly Miller has been providing care for years to a variety of pets in the Derby area. She also helps customers who have exotic companion mammals as well.

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Fear Free

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If going to the doctor or dentist is stressful for you, multiply that by 10 or maybe 20 and you could begin to understand what a trip to the veterinarian is like for many dogs and cats. There is now a way to make visits to the veterinarian far less fearful and stressful for your pet.

“When you think about it, an animal doesn’t get out of its own environment, especially a cat. It’s very stressful for them to be put in a crate, put in a car and then be taken someplace they aren’t familiar with,” said Dr. David Drake, DVM of Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic in Derby.

Dr. Drake and Dr. Kelly Miller, DVM and the staff at Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic have recently become certified as Fear Free Professionals. The certification means they have been trained and given the knowledge and tools to not only look after a pet’s physical well-being but its emotional well-being too.

The Fear Free certification program was founded by nationally known

veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, and has become one of the single most transformative initiatives in the history of companion animal practice.

The Fear Free program was developed by highly respected veterinarians, pet behavioral experts, animal trainers, pain experts and others in the animal care world. The fundamental purpose of the program is to reduce fear, anxiety and stress in pets.

People also become stressed when their pets do, and the staff at Rainbow Valley is excited to offer something that makes pets and clients more comfortable during their time at the clinic. But Dr. Drake says the process of making your pet more comfortable can start at home.

“We encourage cat owners to get the transport crate out a couple of weeks before the appointment and let the pet get used to it. It can reduce the anxiety when it’s time to go,” he said.

Rainbow Valley believes in scheduling appointments – not only to care for your pet properly – but if they need time to help your pet feel comfortable, they will have it.

Dr. Drake also says making that appointment in the quieter or less busy times of the day, when fewer other animals are around, can be less stressful. He says his staff is using more treats for animals too. It helps to distract them and builds rapport.

Diffusers with animal calming pheromones and soft music are being used in exam rooms. How the animal is handled in an examination is also a factor in reducing anxiety. Overall, a slow and easy approach with any animal will do a great deal to keep them calm, gain confidence and reduce fear.

Rainbow Valley is now keeping behavior information in each pet’s records and what kinds of techniques work best for calming and reducing fear in that pet.

“Once you begin to know what works for a specific pet, it becomes so much easier for us to help them,” Dr. Miller said.

If your pet has difficulty relaxing for an examination, call Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic in Derby. The Fear Free-certified staff can make a positive difference in how your pet and you feel about going to the veterinarian.

1630 James St., Derby • 316-788-0777 • info@rainbowvalleyvet.com


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Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic - 1630 E. James St. - 788-0777

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Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic - 1630 E. James St. - 788-0777

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One of the area’s finest groomers is at Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic. 

Heidi Lindenmuth has more than 15 years of experience with grooming all kinds of dogs and cats. Heidi will listen to your requests, plus take her vast experience and offer some ideas on how to make your pet look first class. Call today and schedule an appointment with Heidi – 788-0777.

We now have a new drug free option of treatment for your pet.  Laser therapy works through a very  low-level laser light energy that stimulates healing and can reduce pain. Pets with arthritis or joint issues can benefit greatly from this treatment.

Laser therapy also speeds up healing in post-surgery situations by increasing the blood flow to the affected area. 

For more detailed information on the safe and effective use of laser therapy click the link below.    


Fleas, Ticks and Heartworms

Parasites are a potential problem for your pet. The best way to handle the problem is to take a preventative approach.  Start a treatment program now to reduce more serious issues later.   

One Monthly Pill can do it all!

New medications have been developed that can offer dual benefits in preventing heartworm and killing fleas. Just one dosage a month will keep your pet free from heartworm infections while killing fleas at the same time. Call us today to learn how we can protect your pet with this medication. 


Heartworm can be potentially fatal to your pet.  Take precautions now for increased protections. Call our office today to schedule an appointment and we will show you how. Click the link below for more information on heartworm.


A dental exam is important for your pet’s health. Many times dental problems can reveal a more serious health issue that needs attention.

Have your pet’s teeth cleaned and inspected regularly.

Rainbow Valley’s digital x-ray system produces one image that is easier to manipulate. This offers a more thorough diagnostic approach when reading your pet’s x-ray.

In the event of a more complex situation, the digital x-ray system allows us to email your x-ray to a specialist, which ultimately provides faster more efficient treatments.

We offer complete digital dental x-rays as well.

Our precise laser surgery technique offers a number of benefits.

They include less blood loss and tissue damage, which means a quicker, safer and more comfortable recovery for your pet.

Our preventative health care program includes:

*Regular physical examinations

*Vaccination program

*Heartworm prevention

*Nutritional requirements

*Intestinal parasite control

*Flea & Tick Control

*Blood profiles

*In house lab testing

*Senior care programs




Dental Health

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There is still time to get your pet in for a professional dental cleaning!

Click HERE to learn detailed reasons on why your pet’s dental health is crucial to their overall health. Have Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic do a full dental exam annually. Poor dental health in pets can lead to more serious health issues if it is left unchecked. Just like you do, your pet needs a dental checkup too. It could save you the cost of other health care treatments in the future.

Ask About our $10 OFF Dental Treatment offer! Good only In  February!

Veterinarians and Staff

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Dr. David Drake is a 1983 graduate of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Drake founded Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic in 1989. The clinic has provided quality small animal health care to Derby and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. Dr. Drake and his wife Krista live in Derby and have three children Todd, Ty & Taylor. The Drakes also have 2 Vizsla dogs. One named “Rez” and another name “REMINGTON”. Dr. Drake enjoys hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities.

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Dr. Kelly Miller graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She has been a veterinarian in the Wichita area since graduation, and joined Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic in 2014. Kelly enjoys working with dogs and cats, as well as exotic companion mammals. She has a mixed breed dog, “Sydney”, two cats, “Rico” and “ Inara”, and two Guinea Pigs , “Smudge” and “Auzzie”. In her free time, Kelly enjoys crafting, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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Lisa has been a Registered Veterinary Technician at Rainbow Valley since October 2007. Lisa has been working in the Wichita area since graduating from Colby Community College in 2002 with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Agriculture at Kansas State University in 2000, majoring in Animal Science / Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Lisa and her husband Stephen live in Derby with their two dogs “Roxie”, a labrador retriever, and “Rusty”, lovingly referred to as a mutt. Lisa enjoys traveling, anything outdoors and reading.

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Cindy started working at Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic in October of 2006. She works as a receptionist / assistant. Cindy and her husband Jason live in Derby with their two children Gage and Dakota.  Cindy enjoys going to the lake with her family, reading, and going to movies.  Cindy is seen here with her dog Lola Bean.

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Jan & her husband Jack have lived in Derby since 1984. Jan has worked for Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic since 1995 as a Receptionist / Assistant. Jan has 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, “Kane” and “Hitch”. Jan enjoys being able to offer clients the information & reassurances they need for their pets. Jan enjoys art, reading, & playing with her dogs.

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Jennifer joined Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic in the Spring of 2015. She works as a receptionist / assistant.  Jennifer and her husband Dave live in Wichita with their two children Kaylee and Braden.  They also have 4 dogs. Jennifer enjoys fostering dogs, volunteering her time with RETAIN and doing genealogy. 

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Susan is originally from Illinois, but has lived in Derby since 2000.

She has 2 children Kaitlyn & Colton with husband Patrick. They have a German Shepherd named “Aubrey” (seen here).

In her off time she likes to read, be outdoors, watching sports on TV & the kids play sports, and spending time with her family.

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Heidi Lindenmuth has more than 15 years of experience with grooming all kinds of dogs and cats. Heidi will listen to your requests, plus take her vast experience and offer some ideas on how to make your pet look first class. Call today and schedule an appointment with Heidi – 788-0777.